Synonyms: filthy, foul


Antonyms: refined, decent


Example Sentence: We should avoid coarse words especially for females.



  1. ATHETI VANISH (VERB):disappear 


Synonyms: dissolve, fade 


Antonyms: appear, arrive


Example Sentence: The cold weather conditions have disappeared nowadays.





Synonyms: counterfeit, artificial 


Antonyms: authentic, genuine


Example Sentence: Beware of spurious things for sale in the market because they can harm you.



  1. MALICE (NOUN):hate


Synonyms: antipathy, grudge 


Antonyms: benevolence, kindness


Example Sentence: Avoid the feelings of malice in your heart because they bring you pain.



  1. GENIAL (ADJECTIVE):friendly 


Synonyms: cheerful, fruitful 


Antonyms: hostile, unfriendly


Example Sentence: It is always great to work in a genial environment.



  1. BARE (ADJECTIVE): small amount


Synonyms: minimal, less 


Antonyms: plenty, lot 


Example Sentence: We ate the bare food that you provided us but we are still hungry.



  1. AFFABLE (ADJECTIVE):sociable 


Synonyms: friendly, courteous 


Antonyms: harsh, enemy 


Example Sentence:  We must try to be affable in our lives so that we can earn a good image in the society.



  1. ALLOCATION (NOUN):allotment 


Synonyms: supply, provision 


Antonyms: deletion, removal 


Example Sentence: They will take care of the allocation for the resources, don’t worry.



  1. 9. FRAGMENTED (VERB):divided


Synonyms: broken, partitioned 


Antonyms: colluded, joined


Example Sentence: Use the fragmented drawers to keep the tools given to you.



  1. IGNORANT (ADJECTIVE): illiterate 


Synonyms: ill-mannered, crude 


Antonyms: well-off, refined 


Example Sentence: The people who are ignorant of others, are bound to be treated badly.