Vocab Of the Day

  1. BUMPTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): offensively self-assertive

Synonyms: arrogant, egotistic

Antonyms: humble, modest

Example Sentence:-I was still annoyed at his bumptious style of conversation.


Synonyms: remedial, curative

Antonyms: harmful, injurious

Example Sentence:-My eighty-five-year-old grandmother credits restorative yoga as the key to her good health.

  1. EMBOLDEN (VERB): encourage

Synonyms: energize, inspire

Antonyms: discourage, dissuade

Example Sentence:-Emboldened by his success, he started on a second novel.

  1. MASQUERADE (NOUN): disguise

Synonyms: carnival, domino

Antonyms: openness, reality

Example Sentence:-He claimed that the booth capturing during the elections would be a masquerade.

  1. STENTORIAN (ADJECTIVE): very loud

Synonyms: resounding, blaring

Antonyms: soft, low

Example Sentence:-She bellowed in a stentorian voice.

  1. CAREEN (VERB): tilt, move wildly down path

Synonyms: lurch, bend

Antonyms: straighten, unbend

Example Sentence:-If you drive too fast in bad weather, your car may careen off the road.

  1. MIRTH (NOUN): great joy

Synonyms: laughter, rejoicing

Antonyms: sorrow, pain

Example Sentence: –His eyes twinkled with mirth, when he took his new born baby.

  1. FAZE (VERB): embarrass

 Synonyms: annoy, confound

Antonyms: encourage, enlighten

Example Sentence: -He looked as if nothing could faze him.

  1. NEXUS (NOUN): connection

Synonyms: center, link

Antonyms: exteriority, detachment

Example Sentence:-I share a strong nexus with him.

  1. TIFF (NOUN): argument

Synonyms: bickering, quarrel

Antonyms: agreement, harmony

Example Sentence: –I generally have a tiff with my wife.