World Geography Gk


World Geography Gk

  1. What country is also known as Persia?
    Ans : Iran


  1. In what country would you find Mount Kilimanjaro?
    Ans : Tanzania


  1. What major river flows through the Grand Canyon?
    Ans : Colorado River


  1. What name is given to the northeast part of China?
    Ans : Manchuria


  1. What is the main island of Japan?
    Ans : Honshu


  1. In what city is the Brandenburg Gate located?
    Ans : Berlin


  1. In what country would you find the city of Limerick?
    Ans : Ireland


  1. What well-known mountain pass connects Pakistan and Afghanistan?
    Ans : Khyber Pass


  1. What volcano exploded in 1883 with the force of 200 megatons of TNT?
    Ans : Krakatoa


  1. Old Trafford stadium is located near what major city?
    Ans : Manchester


  1. Ceylon is the former name of what country?
    Ans : Sri Lanka


  1. What city was once called New Amsterdam?
    Ans : New York City


  1. What valley is the site of the Earth’s highest-ever recorded temperature, 134°F?
    Ans : Death Valley


  1. Albania and Serbia are located on what peninsula?
    Ans : Balkan


  1. What is Pakistan’s longest river?
    Ans : Indus River


  1. What strait divides Morocco and Spain?
    Ans : Strait of Gibraltar


  1. By surface area, what is the largest of Africa’s great lakes?
    Ans : Victoria


  1. What country is often described as being shaped like a boot?
    Ans : Italy


  1. What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
    Ans : Sicily


  1. What canal connects the Red and Mediterranean Seas?
    Ans : Suez Canal


  1. Which is the world’s largest orphan & abandoned children charity?

Ans : SOS Chilidren’s Villages UK


  1. Island Aviation Services is the Government run airlines of ?

Ans : Maldives


  1. In which country is the Hillary-Tenzing Airport situated?

Ans : Nepal


  1. Name the country which is the craddle of western classic music, known as ‘The land of music’?

Ans : Austria


  1. Which country is the leading egg producer in the world?

Ans : China