1. Find the compound interest and the amount on Rs.8000 at 5% per annum for 3 years when C.I is reckoned yearly?
A. Rs.1261
B. Rs.1440
C. Rs.1185
D. Rs.1346

2. If Rs.7500 are borrowed at C.I at the rate of 4% per annum, then after 2 years the amount to be paid is?
A. Rs.8082
B. Rs.7800
C. Rs.8100
D. Rs.8112

3. Find out the C.I on Rs.5000 at 4% p.a. compound half-yearly for 1 1/2 years.
A. Rs.420.20
B. Rs.319.06
C. Rs.306.04
D. Rs.294.75

4. Rs.8000 become Rs.9261 in a certain interval of time at the rate of 5% per annum of C.I. Find the time?
A. 4 years
B. 6 years
C. 2 years
D. 3 years

5. At the end of three years what will be the compound interest at the rate of 10% p.a. on an amount of Rs.20000?
A. Rs.6620
B. Rs.6500
C. Rs.6800
D. Rs.6400

6. Find the C.I. on a sum of Rs.1600 for 9 months at 20% per annum, interest being compounded quarterly?
A. Rs.17684
B. Rs.1684
C. Rs.2522
D. Rs.3408

7. Simple interest on a sum at 4% per annum for 2 years is Rs.80. The C.I. on the same sum for the same period is?
A. Rs.81.60
B. Rs.160
C. Rs.1081.60
D. Rs.99

8. The C.I. on a certain sum for 2 years Rs.41 and the simple interest is Rs.40. What is the rate percent?
A. 4%
B. 5%
C. 6%
D. 8%

9. The sum of money at compound interest amounts to thrice itself in 3 years. In how many years will it be 9 times itself?
A. 18
B. 12
C. 9
D. 6

10. A sum of money place at compound interest doubles itself in 4 years. In how many years will it amount to eight times itself?
A. 16
B. 8
C. 12
D. 20

11. A sum of money deposited at C.I. amounts to Rs.2420 in 2 years and to Rs.2662 in 3 years. Find the rate percent?
A. 15%
B. 10%
C. 7 1/2 %
D. 8%

12. Find the sum lend at C.I. at 5 p.c per annum will amount to Rs.441 in 2 years?
A. Rs.420
B. Rs.400
C. Rs.375
D. Rs.380

13. A property decreases in value every year at the rate of 6 1/4% of its value at the beginning of the year its value at the end of 3 years was Rs.21093. Find its value at the beginning of the first year?
A. Rs.25600.24
B. Rs.32000.50
C. Rs.18060.36
D. Rs.18600

14. Find the least number of complete years in which a sum of money put out at 25% compound interest will be more than double of itself?
A. 6 years
B. 1 year
C. 2 years
D. 4 years

15. The difference between simple interest and C.I. at the same rate for Rs.5000 for 2 years in Rs.72. The rate of interest is?
A. 10%
B. 12%
C. 6%
D. 8%

16. The difference between compound and simple interest on a certain sum of money for 3 years at 6 2/3% p.a is Rs.184. Find the sum?
A. Rs.12000
B. Rs.14200
C. Rs.17520
D. Rs.13500

17. A sum of money is put out at compound interest for 2 years at 20%. It would fetch Rs.482 more if the interest were payable half-yearly, then it were pay able yearly. Find the sum.
A. Rs.4000
B. Rs.1000
C. Rs.1250
D. Rs.2000

18. Find the sum the difference between the compound and S.I. on a certain sum of money for 2 years at 10% per annum is Rs.15of money?
A. 1500
B. 1800
C. 2100
D. 1950

19. The difference between the compound interest compounded annually and simple interest for 2 years at 20% per annum is Rs.144. Find the principal?
A. Rs.3000
B. Rs.3300
C. Rs.3600
D. Rs.3900

20. What sum of money put at C.I amounts in 2 years to Rs.8820 and in 3 years to Rs.9261?
A. Rs.8000
B. Rs.8400
C. Rs.7500
D. None

1. A
2. D
3. C
4. D
5. A
6. C
7. A
8. B
9. D
10. C
11. B
12. B
13. A
14. D
15. B
16. D
17. D
18. A
19. C
20. A