China will not share data on Brahmaputra with China, prepare for talks on Nathula



1.Appropriate committees in the United States proposed to impose strict conditions for military and financial assistance to Pakistan :-

The Senate and House of Appropriation Committees in the United States have proposed to impose strict conditions for military and financial assistance to Pakistan.

Committees have asked to complete certain standards to pursue the fight against terrorism.

While passing the annual appropriation bill for the State Department for the year 2018, the Committee has said that there is concern for Pakistan’s commitment to US strategic objectives, including dealing with terrorism in the region.

Foreign Minister will give this certificate to Parliament that Pakistan , has been cooperating with the US in dealing with terrorist organizations.


2.PM Modi and Shinzo Abe will organize ‘Roadshow’, a grand program on September 13 :-

Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first time Japan ‘s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ‘s with Gujarat ‘s Ahmedabad on September 13 at a road show will.

Shinzo Abe Wednesday the day of India ‘s tour to come to you. BJP to said PM Modi Ahmedabad Airport Airport from Sabarmati Ashram to eight kilometers in length Road shows will.

Abe on Wednesday the two -day visit to India come are you and Modi ‘s with the 12th India – Japan annual summit conference in participation will. Gujarat BJP unit ‘s president Jitubhai Wagah has said, “The country has for the first time in our PM other country ‘s PM ‘s with United as Will show off the road .


3.China’s petrol, diesel plans to ban cars :-

Given the increasing air pollution and the crowd of vehicles on the roads, China is planning to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars here. Chinese industry’s Deputy Minister Shin Guobin gave this information in a program on Automobile this weekend.

He said that China has started studying the timelines for the production and sale of fossil fuel cars. China is the world’s largest vehicle market. Shin, however, did not set a deadline for this, but said that these steps will make effective changes in the development of this area.


4.Korea Super Series badminton tournament begins in Seoul, PV Sindhu to lead Indian team :-

Korea Super Series Badminton Tournament has begun in Seoul from. PV Sindhu, the silver medalist of the World Badminton Championship, will launch the Indian challenge.

Sindhu, who won the silver medal in the Olympics, won silver medal in the world event in Glasgow last month. Everyone in the competition is looking at Sindhu, because Saina and Srikanth are not participating in this tournament due to the Japan Open preparations next week.


5.Nadal won the third American Open and 16th Grand Slam title :-

World number one player, Rafael Nadal put South Africa’s Kevin Andersen in straight sets, 6-3, 6-3, 6-4 in straight sets, in the third American Open and 16th Grand Slam title. Nadal here in 2010 and 2013 has won the trophy , he recorded in June L0 won fifth French Open title. He has only three titles behind his old rival Roger Federer in the Grand Slam case.

Switzerland’s Dharmandhar record has done its name in 19 Grand Slam ,Federer won two other Grand Slam titles at the Australian Open and Wimbledon.


6.PM Modi and Shinzo AB to be inducted into the 8-km road show from Azad’s Gujarat tour :-

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will arrive on a two-day visit to India today. PM Modi will first make a road show in Ahmedabad with PM Shinzo Abe of Japan for the first time. The 8-km long roadshow will begin at 1:30 pm with Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad and end on the Sabarmati Ashram.

A large number of people will congratulate Modi and Abe on 28 places along with a group of singers. There are 28 small stages in the entire roadshow, where dancers from 28 different states will perform their art in traditional Vash Bhasa. The road show will also pass through Sabarmati riverfront.


7.Soon there is a 100 rupee coin :-

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, MG Ramachandran, the government will issue a coin of 100 rupees and five rupees. The coin of hundred rupees will be 44 millimeters. It weighs 35 grams. On the next part, the Ashoka Pillar will be formed, below which Satyamev Jayate will be written.

Ashok pillar will be written on one side of India and India on one side. On the back of the coin will be MG Ramachandran’s photo. The photo will be written down 1917-2017.

The coin of a hundred rupees will consist of four metals. Silver 50 percent, copper 40 percent, nickel five percent and zinc five percent.

The coin of five rupees will be 23 millimeters. It weighs six grams. On the next part, the Ashoka Pillar will be formed, below which Satyamev Jayate will be written.

Ashok pillar will be written on one side of India and India on one side. Photo of MG Ramachandran on the back of the coin and it will be written down 1917-2017. It will be composed of copper (75 percent), zinc (20 percent) and nickel (five percent).


8.China will not share data on Brahmaputra with China, prepare for talks on Nathula :-

China has said that it will not be able to present the scientific data on the water of the Brahmaputra river to India at present. Since the data collected by him here is being improved to improve the station located in Tibet.

Although China has said that it was ready to negotiate on the resumption of the visit of Kailash and Mansarovar, which was stopped in mid-June at the time of Dullock deadlock. For this pilgrimage of Indians, there is a discussion on whether the Nathula Pass in Sikkim is reopened in India.


9.A.Large action of the United Nations Security Council on Korea, imposed ban :-

The United Nations Security Council on Monday unanimously banned North Korea. This has been done considering the country’s sixth powerful nuclear test on September 3.

All member countries agreed to this move by voting 15-0 in the United Nations meeting. Since 2006, UN Security Council has unanimously approved nine proposals against North Korea.

Under this, full ban on coal, lead and seafood to be sent to North Korea will be imposed. North Korea has approved the ban on the export of clothing.

Apart from this, North Korea will be able to import crude oil to the existing extent. Let us state that the United Nations Security Council has unanimously approved nine proposals against North Korea since 2006.


10.Retail inflation in August was 3.36 percent :-

During the month of August, retail inflation was 3.36 percent. In July, retail inflation was 2.36 percent. At the same time, the inflation rate in urban areas has increased from 2.17 percent to 3.35 percent. Significantly, retail inflation was 2.36 percent during the month of July.

Monthly month-on-month, retail inflation in rural areas has increased from 2.41 percent to 3.3 percent. In August, the retail price of vegetables increased from -3.57 per cent to 6.16 per cent in August. On a month-on-month basis, the retail inflation rate of pulses has been -24.43% against 24.75% in August.

Food inflation rate: On the basis of month-on-month basis, food inflation has increased from 0.36% to 1.52% in August. On a month-on-month basis, fuel retail inflation rose to 4.94 per cent from 4.86 per cent in August.


11.Large gift to employees and pensioners, the limit of tax free gratuity will now be Rs 20 lakh :-

The Central Government on Tuesday started the process of doubling the gratuity limit for employees. This increased limit will be applicable to employees working in both government and private sectors so that they can be brought in with the central employees.

The government has approved the draft of the revised bill for the organized sector employees, which is related to doubling tax free gratuity amount from 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. The government will present this bill in Parliament. The limit of gratuity under current law is 10 lakh rupees.

DA of central employees will increase:Relieving the government employees from inflation, the dearness allowance has been increased from existing four percent to five percent.

This move of the Center will benefit more than one crore government employees and pensioners. This decision was taken at the Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.