How to Choose the Post Preference for CGL 2017 Exam ?


While, choosing the preference order, following points should be taken into consideration

1) Preference by Location : If, you want Jobs in your Home State, then prefer choosing posts, that have Offices in your state.Eg Divisional Accountant in CAG, Auditor in CAG etc., as these posts have their offices in major cities and State capitals

2) Preference by Pay scale, Salary and Perks : CGL has two types of Posts Group B and Group C. While Group B posts have higher salary and perks, and Group C posts have comparatively lower salary.

So, If, you are looking for Higher Salaried posts, then prefer post with higher Grade pay, some of these posts are : Inspector (Examiner), Inspector (Income tax), Assistant Audit Officer etc.

3)  Field Vs Desk Jobs : Some posts in CGL, require lot of Travelling and out of office Job Profile, while other require in office profile. So, you also choose whether your want field Jobs or Desk Jobs.

Highly Recommended Preference of Posts for SSC CGL 2017


SSC CGL 2017 : Post wise Preference for Male and Female Candidates
Male Pref. Code Post Type Posting Female


1 K Inspector (Central Excise) Office As well as Field All India 8
2 M Inspector (Examiner) Office As well as Field Coastal Regions 9
3 J Inspector of Income tax (CBDT) Office As well as Field All India 10
4 L Inspector (Preventive Officer[CBEC] Office As well as Field Coastal Regions 22
5 P Inspector of Posts (Postal Department) Office As well as Field All India posting 12
6 N Assistant Enforcement Officer Office As well as Field Coastal Regions 16
7 Q Divisional Accountant (CAG) Office Delhi / State Capitals 2
8 R Statistical Investigator GR-II Office As well as Field All India posting 17
9 A Assistant Section Officer (Central Secretariat) Office New Delhi 7
10 D Assistant (Railway) Office New Delhi 15
11 E Assistant (External Affairs) Office Delhi Or Foreign 5
12 F Assistant Audit Officer Office Tier-1,2 Cities 3
13 S Inspector (CBN) Office/Field All India Posting 26
14 C Assistant (IB) Office Delhi / State Capitals 18
15 B Assistant (CVC) Office Delhi / Metro Cities 19
16 G Assistant (AFHQ) Office Delhi / Metro Cities 25
17 H Assistant (Other Ministries) Office Delhi / Tier-1 Cities 20
18 I Assistant (Other Ministries) Office Delhi / Tier-1,2 Cities 21
19 O Sub-Inspector (CBI) Field All India Posting 27
20 % Sub-Inspector (NIA) Field All India Posting 29
21 T Auditor ( C&AG) Office Delhi /State Capitals 4
22 U Auditor ( CGDA) Office Delhi /State Capitals 23
23 V Auditor ( CGA) Office Delhi /State Capitals 24
24 @ Tax Assistant (CBEC) Office/Field All India Posting 1
25 Z Tax Assistant (CBDT) Office/Field All India Posting 11
26 X Accountant / Jr. Accountant (CGA) Office Delhi /State Capitals 13
27 W Accountant / Jr. Accountant (C&AG) Office Delhi /State Capitals 6
28 Y Senior Secretariat Assistant Office All India Posting 14
29 # Sub-Inspector (CBN) Office/Field All India Posting 28
30 $ Compiler (Registrar General of India) Office Delhi Posting 30

We are providing you below SSC CGL 2015 cut-off marks for General Category, from this you can check for which post you are eligible as per your marks.

List-I: SSC CGL Post Wise Cut Off 2015 against UR Category for All Interview posts (except Statistical Investigator) (Out of 700 marks)

(Based upon total marks obtained in Tier-I, Tier-II (Paper-I & Paper-II) and Interview- SSC CGL post wise cut off 2015)

Category Range of Cut Off Marks
UR 556 to 494.25
OBC 508 to 472
SC 469 to 430.5
ST 467 to 402.75

Below is the table depicting Department Wise cut-off marks for SSC CGL 2015.

Code Department/Posts Cut Off Marks Code Department/Posts Cut Off Marks
  B Assistant in CVC 556 O Sub Inspector in CBI 502.5
E Assistant in M/o External Affairs 524.5 L Inspector (Preventive Officer) 501.25
M Inspector (Examiner) in CBEC 523.75 A Assistant Section Officer in Central Secretariat Service (CSS) 498.5
D Assistant in M/o Railways 522 K Inspector (Central Excise) 496.25
J Income Tax Inspector in CBDT 519.25 I Assistant in other Ministries GP 4200 496
N Assistant Enforcement Officer(AEO) 518.5 % Sub Inspector (NIA) 494.25
H Assistant in Other Ministries GP 4600 517.75 P Inspector of Posts in department of posts 494.25
G Assistant in AFHQ 511.75 Q Divisional Accountant in offices under CAG 494.25
C Assistant in Intelligence Bureau 507.75 S Inspector in Central Bureau of Narcotics(CBN) 503.75

We hope that this order of preference will help you to figure out which post should be filled on the top spot and which at the last.

Note: This time also, SSC has introduced a new post of gazetted officer, Assistant Audit Officer(AAO) in Indian Audit & Accounts Department under CAG. This is the highest paying job in the grade pay of 4800.Students must clear SAS exam for AAO post. Students with Commerce/MBA background have an advantage over Engineers/Arts students for AAO post. Please fill this post higher up only if you are confident of clearing SAS exam.