Defense Minister Rajnath Singh co-chaired the fourth Indo-France annual defense talks with the French Defense Minister


1. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh co-chaired the fourth Indo-France annual defense talks with the French Defense Minister

Defense minister Rajnath Singh Ne France Defense Minister Sebastian Lacornu With in new delhi Fourth India-France Annual Defense Dialogue Co-chaired। Mr. Lacornu is on a two-day trip to India। In the talks, the two ministers discussed a wide range of topics including defense relations, terrorism prevention, maritime security in the Indian-Pacific region and industrial and technology partnerships in line with self-sufficient India policy। The French Defense Minister will also meet with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and negotiate regional security issues, including close cooperation to fight terrorism।

2. Government extended term of Foreign Secretary

Government Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kvatra Has extended its tenure। The tenure of the Indian Foreign Service officer was ending on 31 December this year। They 30 April 2024 or until next order Will remain in this position।

3. Ministry of Power launched scheme for purchase of a total of 4500 MW of electricity for five years under B ( v ) of the power policy

Ministry of Power Ne Power policy under Total four thousand five hundred MW power purchase for five years Is planned। The ministry has said that this scheme will help the states struggling with power crisis and increase the capacity of power generation plants। PFC Consulting Limited has been made the nodal agency of the scheme। The company has invited tenders for the supply of four thousand five hundred MW of electricity। The power supply under the scheme will be done from April next year।

4. United States of America Harimau power between India and Malaysia – 2022 started in Pulai, Malaysia

India and Malaysia Joint military mica between Harimau Shakti-2022 Pulai of Malaysia Started in। It will last 12 December। Harimau Shakti is an annual training practice that has been conducted between the two countries since 2012। Of the Indian Army Regiment of Garhwal Rifles And of the Malaysian Army Royal Malay Regiment This year will be included in the practice। The army of the two countries will increase the operational capacity at pars in planning and exchange experience about different types of operations in the forest sector।

5. Craft Guru and National Award awarded to outstanding craftsmen

Year 2017, 2018 and 2019 for 30 Craft Guru Award and 78 National Awards New Delhi in Excellent craftsmen36 of which are women। The main objective of these awards is to recognize his excellence in craftsmanship and valuable contribution to the Indian handicrafts and textiles sector। Craft Guru Award Excellent craftsmanship, Provided other trainee artisans as an important part of product excellence and traditional heritage to outstanding craftsmen who have been proven for the role they play in the continuity of the craft Let’s go। These awards were launched in 2002 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the revival of handicrafts in India। The award includes a gold coin, prize money of Rs 2.00 lakh, a copper sheet, a shawl and a certificate। 30 craft gurus have been selected for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, of which 24 are males and 06 are females।

6. PT Usha was made the President of the Indian Olympic Association

Athlete and Conjunct MP PT Usha ( Pilaullakandi Thekkaparambil Usha ) has been made the President of the Indian Olympic Association। She was the only contender for the post। Elections in this regard were to be held on 10 December, but she has been elected the first female president of the IOA due to no more candidates in the opposition। PT Usha is also known as ‘Pyyoli Express, Udanpari’ and is one of the most successful athletes in the country। PT Usha won 11 medals including four gold at the Asian Games from 1982 to 1994। He won all four gold ( 200 meters, 400 meters at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games,The 400 meter hurdles and four times the 400 meter relay ) medals as well as silver in the 100 meters। Usha won medals in the 100 meters and 200 meters at the 1982 New Delhi Asian Games। Overall, he won a total of 23 medals in the Asian champions from 1983 to 1998। PT Usha finished fourth in the final of the 1984 Olympic 400m hurdles। Indian Olympic Association is the National Olympic Committee of India ( NOC)। Its function is to select athletes who represent India in the Olympic Games, Asian Games and other international multi-sport competitions and manage the Indian team। It acts like the Commonwealth Games Association of India, and also selects athletes who represent India at the Commonwealth Games।Selecting athletes who represent India in Asian Games and other international multi-sport competitions and manage the Indian team। It acts like the Commonwealth Games Association of India, and also selects athletes who represent India at the Commonwealth Games।Selecting athletes who represent India in Asian Games and other international multi-sport competitions and manage the Indian team। It acts like the Commonwealth Games Association of India, and also selects athletes who represent India at the Commonwealth Games।

7. UNESCO Asia-Pacific Award 2022 for Cultural Heritage Conservation

recently Cultural heritage protection for UNESCO Asia-Pacific Award 2022 Has been announced Four winners of india Are included। for the awards Thirteen projects from six countries Were approved, those countries are: Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Nepal and Thailand। Performance of India:

  • Award of Excellence: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Museum, Mumbai
  • Prize of exclusivity: Golkunda’s stepwell, Hyderabad
  • Award of Merit: Domkonda Fort, Telangana and Bhayakhala Station, Mumbai

8. UNGA proposal on international tax cooperation framework

United Nations General Assembly Unanimously United Nations Intergovernmental Process based on International Tax Cooperation Framework or Instrument A proposal has been adopted to develop। Nigeria Ne 54 African countries This proposal was made on behalf of the Union of। Proposed United Nations Framework on Global Tax Cooperation Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development as a regulator of taxation worldwide ( Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development will end the 60-year role of )। A similar framework has been proposed by the OECD। It has been under development in the OECD for almost a decade but its final draft is yet to be given। The proposed framework of the United Nations would end the power struggle between the United Nations and the OECD on international tax rules।

9. CITES COP19 downgraded the status of southern white rhinos

Africa K rhinos As a major obstacle in the conservation efforts of, CITES COP19 Recently appendix I to Appendix II downgrade the position of southern white rhinos Has accepted the offer to do। Namibia and BotswanaThe proposal to move southern white rhinos from Appendix I to Appendix II only allows the trade of live animals for conservation purposes and hunting trophies। Animals in Appendix II may not be on the verge of extinction but trade of such species is regulated to protect their survival। This decision does not resume international trade in the Rhino Horn, which was proposed by Iswatini ( formerly known as Swaziland )। However, the downgrading of the classification has exposed these sensitive species to threats posed by trafficking channels in countries where poaching has large-scale activities।

10. Iranian film ‘Nargesi’, made on the struggle of a man suffering from Down syndrome, won ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi medal in Iffi 53

Iranian film Nargesi Ne Indian International Film Festival K 53rd edition in ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi Medal Won, which is given for a film that Mahatma Gandhi Shows the ideals of peace, tolerance and non-violence। film direction Pyam Ascandari Has done। this movie Down syndrome A person suffering from it and the problems and consequences it causes in his life। This award-winning film depicts two qualities of compassion and tenderness।

11. Spanish film ‘ I Have Electric Dreams ’ by Costa Rica filmmaker Valentina Maurel won ‘ Golden Peacock ’ for her amazing portrayal of being an adult

Distinguished for the best film of this festival Golden Peacock Spanish film Tango Suenoselectricos / I Have Electric Dreams Has won। According to more, this is a film in which the present and future of cinema is presented on screen। Costa Rica Filmmaker of Valentina Maurel Directed by, the film depicts the amazing portrayal of 16-year-old girl Eva as an adult। This is a process that is not just about aging, There is also a process that is so deep that sometimes it can completely shackle the related person from inside in a certain way। In this film, while discussing an honest depiction of the complexity of life, Morey remarked that violence and grace, fury and intimacy have become synonymous। Iranian writer and director Nader Siver Ko “No endBest Director for ” Silver peacock Has been awarded।

12. Bangladesh film ‘ next-time ’ won the Prasad DI Award in the film market segment of IFFI in Goa

Goa in 53rd Indian International Film Festival ( IFFI) The 5-day long film market segment concluded, with Bangladesh Feature film of ‘AgantukTo ’ Prasad DI Award Was named the winner of। film direction Biplb GovernmentHas done। IFFI’s film market segment with a focus on exploring, supporting and showcasing South Asian content and talent in filmmaking, production and distribution, There is a convergence point for film buyers and sellers around the world। The Kannada film ‘ Mythia ’ won the Prasad Post-Production Award, while the multilingual Nepali, Kumouni and Hindi film ‘ Bahadur ’ won the MovieBuff Appreciation Award। Two short films, Bala Murali Shingde’s ‘ Perianayaki ’ and Information Saha’s animated film ‘ Dear Ami ’ Awarded under the “ Film Market Recommendation ( FBR) ” category। On behalf of the French Embassy, the French Institute Award was given to Savita Singh’s ‘ kis-a-circus ’, which was showcased in the co-production market।

13. The film ‘ Dear Diary ’ won the 53-hour Challenge for 75 Creative Minds

Competition selected from all over India 75 creative minds ( Creative Minds ) Only A short film on his idea of India @ 100 in 53 hours Provided the challenge of making। Competition organized by National Film Development Corporation Shorts tv Was done in collaboration with। 5 short films were made during the 53-hour time limit। Film ‘Dear diary’ has won a 53-hour challenge for 75 Creative Minds। it Team purple had made। It highlights the issue of women’s safety। The other four films made under the competition include Antarshan, The Ring, Allmost and Hundred’s Note।

14. Volcano eruptions in Kamchatka Peninsula

Kamchatka Peninsula recently Explosion in two volcanoes Happened। They are among the six volcanoes in the northeastern part of Russia that are currently indicating increased activity। Kamchatka Peninsula “Ring of fireIs part of ”। The peninsula extends into the Pacific Ocean, about 6,600 km east of Moscow। It is one of the world’s most concentrated areas of geothermal activity। The peninsula hosts 29 active volcanoes, most of which are surrounded by sparsely populated forests and tundra। Although these volcanoes pose little threat to the local population, large eruptions can fly ash into the sky, threatening air travel।

15. The Plastic Life-Cycle Report Released

The Plastic Life-Cycle Report Delhi Based think-tank, Center for Science and Environment ( CSE) Issued by। It on 22 November India Habitat CenterReleased during the one-day national conference। According to the report, India has not been able to effectively implement policies that combat plastic pollution। Plastic waste management regulations have been revised five times since they were issued in July 2022 in 2016।These revised policies have benefited only major producers, importers and brand owners। The new report states that, unless the entire lifecycle of plastic – from source to disposal – is recognized as the root cause of plastic pollution, Till then this issue will remain। Current policies focus only on downstream issues related to the collection, management, diversion and disposal of plastic waste।

16. Women’s Madras Boating Club won 81st annual Madras-Colombo Rowing Regatta

Madras Boating Club Of Women Ne Won 81st Annual Madras-Colombo Rowing Regatta, that Colombo, Sri Lanka Was held in। The 81st annual Madras-Colombo Rowing Regatta was held on 26 November 2022, and they Adyar Trophy Was awarded। Men’s category Colombo Rowing Club And they Deepam Trophy Was awarded। The Madras-Colombo Rowing Regatta was first held in 1898 and is considered the oldest sport held between Sri Lanka and India।

17. Canada wins first Davis Cup title by defeating Australia

Canada first time Davis Cup Tennis Title Got your name। Canada competed in the Davis Cup for the first time 109 years ago and the 28-time champion in the final Australia Defeated। World number six Felix Agur Elismi defeated Australia’s Alex Di Minauer 6-3-6-4 in the second single to give the team an unstoppable 2–0 lead।

18. Indian team dominated USIC International Railway Sports Association table tennis championship

Indian table tennis player From 21 November to 25 November 2022 Jaipur Played in USIC International Railway Sports Association Table Tennis Championship I kept my dominance। Indian players total 14 medals, 6 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze Won medals। its event Railway Sports Promotion Board subject to North Western Railway Sports Association Was done in Jaipur from 21 November to 25 November 2022। A total of five teams in this prestigious championship- Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Switzerland and IndiaParticipated। The Indian men’s and women’s team performed brilliantly in the medal table in the singles event। In the men’s singles, Ronit Bhanja won gold, Shiksha Jain won silver and Anidban Ghosh won bronze। In the women’s singles, Sutirtha Mukherjee won the gold, Dharana Sen won silver and Poymanti Vaishya won the bronze medal