1. Who invented Laptop ?
Answer: Adam Osborne

2. Who is the first programmer
Answer: Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada King-Noel)

3. The Information technology act was came in to existence from which year?
Anser: 2000

4. The inventor of www (World wide web) ?
answer: Tim Berner’s lee

5. Computer Mouse was invented  by ?
Answer: Douglas Engelbart

6. Computer Mouse is which type of device(Input/output)?
Answer:  Input device

some other Input devices are – keyboard, scanner, joystick 

examples of Output devices: Printer, monitor, speakers, projector

7. What is the full form for USB ?
Answer: Universal serial bus

8.What is the purpose of BUS in computer?
Answer: BUS connects components of computer 

9. what is the full form for  RAM
Answer: Random access memory

10. what is the full form for  ROM
Answer: Read only memory

11*. Who is the father of computer science?
Answer: Alan turing

12*. Who is the father of computer ?
Answer: Charles Babbage

13*. Who is the founder of hotmail ?
Answer: Sabeer Bhatia

14*. Device used for modulation and demodulation of signals?
Answer: modem  

 15.   Information technology act 2000 was came in to force from which date?
Answer: 17 october  2000

Simple Computer linked Questions

*16. First electronic computer?
answer: ENIAC

*17. ENIAC stands for?
Answer: Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator

*18. Vacuum Tubes are used in which Generation of computers?
Answer: First Generation of computers

*19. Transistors are used in which Generation of computers?
Answer: Second Generation of computers

*20. IC chips are used in which Generation of computers?
Answer: Third Generation of computers

*21. Micro processors are used in which Generation of computers?
Answer: Fourth Generation of computers

22. who are the founder of Microsoft ?

Answer:-Bill Gates and Paul Allen

23. who are the founder of Google ?

Answer: Larry Page and Sergey Brin

24. who is the founder of facebook?

Answer: Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

25. who is the founder of Amazon?

Answer: Jeff Bezos

26. who are the founder of Flipkart ?

Answer : Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal

27. who are the founder of Apple ?

Answer: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne

28. what is the full form for  LAN
Answer: Local Area Network

29. what is the full form for  WAN
Answer: Wide Area Network

30 What is the name of Encyclopedia started by Google ?
Answer: Knol

31.Who is the Father of super computer ?
Answer: Seymour Cray

32.Who is the father of Indian Super Computer ?
Answer: Vijay Bhatkar

33.Which is the India’s First Super Computer ?
Answer: PARAM 8000

34.Which is worlds Fastest super Computer ?
Answer:  Titan (IBM Sequoia is now in second place)

35. Which Company is known as Big Blue ?
Answer: IBM

36.Who is the first computer programmer ?
Answer: Ada King

37.Who built Mechanical analog computer ?
Answer: Lord Kelvin

38.Who wrote the book Business @ the speed of thought ?
Answer: Bill Gates

39. Who is the Father of Cellular Phone ?
Answer: Martin Cooper

40.What is the full form of CAD ?
Answer: Computer Aided Design

41.Where is the first Cyber Police Station in India ?
Answer: Bangalore

42.Where is the first Cyber Police Station in kerala ?
Answer:  Pattom (Thiruvananthapuram)

43.Where is the first Cyber Police Station in Asia ?
Answer: Singapore

44.Where is the first Cyber Post office in India ?
Answer: Chennai 

45.OTP in Credit card transaction means?
 Answer: One time password

46.What is the full form for RTEGS?
Answer: Real Time Gross Settlement

47. What is the full form for NEFT?
Answer: National Electronic Funds Transfer