India and Pakisthan exchanged lists of common prisoners and fishermen in each other’s custody


1. India and Pakisthan exchanged lists of common prisoners and fishermen in each other’s custody

India and Pakisthan In each other’s custody Exchange of list of general prisoners and fishermen did। In the year 2008 According to the provisions of the agreement on access to the messenger, both countries January 1 per year and One JulyExchange such lists। The Foreign Ministry said that India has submitted a list of 339 Pakistani civilian prisoners and 95 Pakistani fishermen to Pakisthan। Similarly, Pakisthan has given India a list of 51 Indian citizens Ka dei and 654 fishermen, who are Indian or are considered Indian। The ministry has said that 631 Indian fishermen and two Indian civilian prisoners have been asked to leave Jal the Jal from Pakistan। Their punishments have been completed and their international status has also been confirmed। Has given full information to Pakistan in this regard। In addition, Pakisthan has been asked to give access to the 30 fishermen in his custody and 22 general citizens at the time। It is understood that all these are Indians।

2. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva sworn in as the 39th President of Brazil

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Ne 39th President of Brazil Sworn as। 77-year-old Lula in October Jair Bolsonaro He won the presidential election for the third time by defeating him in a tough struggle। Earlier, he was sentenced to one and a half years on charges of corruption। Former union leader Lula as president of the Workers’ Party from 2003 to 2010 had improved the economic level of millions during the commodity boom।

3. Air Marshal Pankaj Mohan Sinha assumed the responsibility of Western Air Command in the Indian Air Force

Air Marshal Pankaj Mohan Sinha On 01 January 2023 Indian Air Force Of Western air command Has taken over। Air Marshal Pankaj Mohan Sinha is a graduate of Pune’s National Defense Academy and was appointed to the Indian Air Force in June 1985 as a fighter aircraft pilot।

4. Election Commission of India developed a prototype for remote electronic voting machine

Election Commission of India ( ECI) Ne Remote Electronic Voting Machine (RVM) Developed a prototype for the whole Voting facilities for domestic migrants in IndiaHave to provide। The prototype of the RVM will be displayed to political parties on 16 January, and if it succeeds, So it would allow domestic migrants to vote without going back to their hometowns। RVM will be a stand-alone system, not connected to the Internet and based on existing electronic voting machines।The goal of RVM is to increase voter participation and make it easier for domestic migrants to participate in elections। RVM is a multi-constituency electronic voting machine that can handle 72 constituencies from a remote polling station। It is based on time-tested M3 ( Mark 3) EVM and will be used to enable voting at remote polling stations for domestic migrants। The ECI has invited all eight recognized national and 57 state political parties to perform the RVM on 16 January,And as of 31 January, written views have also been sought from these parties on various related issues, including necessary changes in law and administrative procedures।

5. REC Limited organized ‘power festival’ in Assam under a part of ‘ Amrit Festival of Independence ’

75th anniversary of independence Celebrating ‘Amrit Festival of Independence‘ Under a part of ‘Government of India Ministry of Power A Maharatna Company under- REC Limited Ne Box Anandpur in the district and the villages around it ‘Electricity festival‘ organized। REC Limited is a non-banking financial company ( NBFC )। It is focusing its attention on financing and development of the power sector across India। REC Limited was established in 1969। It has completed 50 years in its field of operations। It provides financial support to state power boards, state governments, central / state electric utilities, independent power producers, rural power cooperatives and private sector utilities।

6. ‘ exogenous ’ campaign of Chhattisgarh police received IACP 2022 award

Thirty six Of Rajanandgaon Police K Anti-drug, sleepless campaign Institutional category ‘Leadership in crime prevention’ in category America Distinguished IACP 2022 Award There is a selection for। This campaign then Superintendent of Police Santosh Singh Was started in the tenure of। Officially given information states that Rajanandgaon during the tenure of then Superintendent of Police Rajanandgaon Santosh Singh by the International Association of Chiefs of Police ( IACP ), the US international body The anti-drug, netted campaign run by the police has been voted America’s prestigious IACP Award in the institutional category ‘ Leadership in Crime Prevention ’ category।

7. Cuban social activist Dr. First KR Gauri Amma National Award to Elida Guevara

First KR Gauri Amma National Award Cuba Social activist of Dr. Elida Guevara (Dr. Aleida Guevara is given to )। Dr. Elida Guevara will be awarded a citation and US $ 3,000 at the award at the Olympia Hall of Chandrasekaran Nair Stadium on 5 January by the Chief Minister of Kerala। Dr. Elida Guevara is a Cuban human right activist who operates two homes for disabled children in Cuba। Also, two centers operate for refugee children struggling with domestic problems।

8. Negotiations to sign Indo-Saudi MLAT

India and Saudi Arabia To get formal assistance from each other in investigations related to criminal matters Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty Negotiations are on to sign ( Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty-MLAT)। MLAT is a mechanism under which countries provide formal assistance in crime prevention / investigation / prosecution/To achieve, they cooperate with each other to ensure that criminals do not escape the due process of law nor violate it। So far, India has signed MLAT with 45 countries, but Saudi Arabia is one of those many other countries, With whom India has not signed MLAT। Countries that do not share such mechanisms present summons, notices and judicial procedures based on “assurance of reciprocity” (Assurance of Reciprocity)।

9. Instructions by SEBI to create risk reduction access platform for investors

Stock exchanges to Indian Securities and Exchange Board ( SEBI ) one by Investor Risk Reduction Access (Investor Risk Reduction Access – IRRA) PlatformHas been directed to install। With the increasing dependence on technology in the securities market, there has been an increase in incidents of disturbances in the trading members’ system, some of which resulted in disruption of trading services। Investor Risk Reduction Access (IRRA) platform will be developed jointly by stock exchanges to position investors when services provided by trading members are interrupted To be able to terminate or cancel pending orders। Trading members are those who trade on their account as well as their customers’ account। According to SEBI’s new circular, business members may request to enable IRRA service if they face technical disturbances। Market regulator connectivity to stock exchanges, social media posts,Has been instructed to monitor parameters such as order flow and others। SEBI has asked stock exchanges to create a detailed framework to support reverse migration from the IRRA system to the trading member’s trading system। Stock exchanges are required to periodically test IRRA platforms for uninterrupted operation of the service। SEBI has asked stock exchanges and clearing corporations to commission the IRRA platform by October 1, 2023।As of 2023, IRRA has asked to start the platform।As of 2023, IRRA has asked to start the platform।

10. GST collection of waste and service tax in the year last month increased by 15 percent to about one and a half million crooked.

last month Waste and service tax-gst collection in the year One lakh 49 thousand crores Stayed over। The Financial Ministry has said that GST Rajas 15 percent more in December 2022 than in December 2021 Stayed। Income from import of goods was eight percent higher in the previous month than the same period a year earlier and 18 percent in income from domestic transactions Growth was observed। Gross GST revenue collected during December 2022 stood at Rs 1,49,507 crore of which CGST is Rs 26,711 crore, SGST is Rs 33,357 crore, IGST Rs 78,434 crore ( including Rs 40,263 crore collected on import of goods including Rs ) and cess is Rs 11,005 crore ( including Rs 850 crore stored on import of goods including Rs )।

11. Increased confidence of people in Indian financial system: RBI

Reserve Bank of India Recent Systemic risk survey according to Increased global impact, financial markets and general risk While Reduction in macroeconomic risks Has come। Survey showed that Increased confidence of people in Indian financial system is। 93 decimal 6 percent people are positive about the stability of the system। According to the survey there has been no change in institutional risks and most defendants have felt improvement in credit prospects for the Indian economy। Consumers are confident about the stability of the Indian banking sector। The 23rd round of this survey was conducted in November 2022 to learn the perceptions of experts, including market participants and academics, on the economic problems facing the Indian financial system।

12. Laxmi Singh became the first female police commissioner of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh K Gautambuddhanagar Police commissioner Lakshmi Singh Has been deployed। She will be Noida’s top coop। She will reach this position in UP First female officer Has been made। The state government has appointed the Inspector General of Police ( IG ), Lucknow Range, Laxmi Singh as the first female police commissioner in the state, giving charge of Noida।

13. Andhra Pradesh government included a text on Fatima Sheikh’s contribution to textbooks

Andhra Pradesh Government Ne eighth grade In textbooks A text on Fatima Sheikh’s contribution Has started। Fatima Sheikh India’s first female Muslim teacher And was one of India’s greatest social reformers and teachers। Famous social reformer couple Jyoti Rao Phule and Savitribai Was known to shelter those who worked for the education of girls। Fatima Sheikh to Phule Couple Poona in Bombay Presidency In the former house First girls school Credit is given for permission to start। Fatima Sheikh Phule taught in all five schools run by the couple। He established two schools in Mumbai in 1851 on his own।

14. Tamil Nadu RTI worst performing state in accountability

recently Vigilant Citizen Organization ( SNS) Ne Right to information (RTI) Act 2021-22 under Accountability report card Issued, indicating that Tamil Nadu RTI worst performing state in accountability Which has a settlement rate of 14। Maharashtra RTI second worst state in accountability Which has a settlement rate of 23। Only 10 information commissioners provided complete information in response to RTI applications filed as part of this evaluation। In Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand and Northeast States Sikkim, Nagaland and TripuraWere included।Bihar State Information Commissioner ( State Information Commissioner- SIC), which failed to provide any information under the RTI Act for the assessment published in the years 2020 and 2021, Has significantly improved its performance and has a disposal rate of 67।

15. India’s second longest cable-based eight-lane gambler bridge opened in Goa

Central Road Transport and Highway Minister Nitin Gadkari Ne Goa In the country Second longest cable eight-lane gambler bridge Inaugurated। Gadkari for Integrated Operations Management PWD Goa App Also launched। Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has given Rs 2-2 lakh to the families of workers who died during bridge construction through the Goa government insurance scheme। The Gambler Bridge is a bridge between North Goa and South Goa। It is on NH 66 on the tidal part of the Zuari River, between the villages of Agacam and Cortalim।

16. Conducted macro – stress test by RBI

Reserve Bank of India ( RBI ) Its latest Financial Stability Report ( FSR) in By September 2023 all Scheduled commercial banks K Slight improvement in gross NPA ratio Indicating Macro-stress test held kiye। The RBI macro – stress test performs to ensure banks’ resilience to macroeconomic disruptions। These tests include credit risk, interest rate risk, liquidity risk and commercial banks’ resilience to these disclosures। Generally, the RBI considers three scenarios for the stress test: baseline and two adverse scenarios – moderate and severe। Baseline major macroeconomic component ( GDP growth, combined fiscal deficit-GDP ratio, CPI inflation, weighted average lending rate, The export-GDP ratio and current account balance-GDP ratio derive from steady state forecast values of )।

17. Growth rate increased to five decimal four percent in eight major industrial sectors

November 2022 in The growth rate of the index of eight major industries increased to 5.4 percent Has reached। In November 2022 it was 3.2 percent। Eight major industries include- Production of coal, crude oil, natural gas, refinery products, fertilizers, steel, cement and electricity। The industrial production index ( IIP) has a weight of 40.27 percent of these industries। Weighting of these industries in decreasing order: refinery products > electricity > steel > coal > crude oil > natural gas > cement > fertilizer।

18. Tata Motors will complete acquisition of Ford India manufacturing plant in January

Tata Motors since January 2023 Ford India Of manufacturing plant Is ready to stort। Sandhya Status Tata can make its electric trains in this plant। The company says that Ford India plant will be fully acquired from 10 January। In August this year, the company announced that its partner Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited (TPEML ) acquisition of the sand plant of Ford India Private Limited ( FIPL ) in Gujarat, Rs 725.7 crore I will do।

19. Adani Group acquired 27.26 per cent stake from Roy Dharati

Adani Group Ne Ndtv Founder of Pranay Ray and his wife Radhika Roy near Acquisition of 27.26% sharehave done। It was informed on Friday by Adani Enterprises। Roy Dutti, who started the media house on December 23, said that out of his remaining 32.26 per cent stake, 27.26 per cent will sell to the Adani group। The Adani group has held their stake with the Ray couple at Rs 342.65 per share। In such a situation, the sale of 1.75 crore shares can earn 602.30 crore to Roy Dharati। Adani Entrepreneurs has reported to the stock market that its subsidiary unit World-Prime Commercial Private Limited holds an 8.27 percent stake in NDTV while RRPR holds a 29.18 percent stake। With the latest acquisition, RRPR will hold a 56.45 per cent stake in NDTV।

20. Dexa: BCCI’s new selection criteria for Indian players

Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI ) Announced on January 1st National team To be selected for Indian players for Dexa ( dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) bone density test Will be mandatory। The Yo-Yo Test will also return as part of the team’s preparations for the 2023 ODI World Cup। Dexa, also known as bone density test, is an X-ray technique that measures bone strength। This can help identify whether a person is at risk of breaking or losing bones, And can be used to determine whether a player is at risk of fracturing a part of the body। Dexa can also measure body composition and record body fat and muscle।

21. Madhya Pradesh wins Khelo India Youth Games 2022 Men’s Under-18 title

Under-18 Men’s Hockey In, Central region Ne Odi Defeated 6-5 and won the title of Play India Youth Games Climbers। Jamir Mohmad hit a hat-trick from Madhya Pradesh in the final match in Bhubaneshwar। Haryana defeated Jharkhand 2–0 to gain a third place in the third and fourth place। with this Madhya Pradesh, Odisa, Haryana and Jharkhand To be held in Madhya Pradesh next year Climpy for Play India Youth Games have done।

22. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

Per year 30 December to Dr. Death anniversary of Vikram Sarabhai Is celebrated। These are from india Parent of space program is believed। He took India to new heights in space research। November 1947 In he Ahmedabad in Physical research laboratoryEstablished (Physical Research Laboratory- PRL)। After the launch of Russia’s Sputnik, he was able to launch his own space program in India, a developing country, given the need for India। He founded the Indian National Space Research Committee (Indian National Committee for Space Research) in the year 1962, Later named Indian Space Research Organization (Indian Space Research Organization- ISRO)। In addition to ISRO and PRL, he established several institutions such as the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, the Community Science Center and the Darpon Academy for the Performing Arts with his wife Mrinalini। He received Padmabhushan in the year 1966 and was posthumously awarded Padmwibhushan in the year 1972। He worked on Aryabhatta, India’s first satellite, but died before the launch of this satellite in 1975 ( 30 December,1971 became )।

23. First female Chief Secretary of Gujarat Manjula Subramaniam died

Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi Experienced bureaucrat Dr. Manjula Subramaniam Has mourned the demise of। Gujarat Of First lady chief secretary Manjula Subramaniam died in a hospital in Vadodara due to health complications। She was an officer of the 1972 Batch’s Indian Administrative Service ( IAS )। He as the Chief Minister of Gujarat During Modi’s tenure Served as the Chief Secretary of State and retired in 2008।

24. Senior BJP politician Mr. PV Chalapati Rao passed away

Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP ) Senior leader and well known Trade union leader PV Chalapati Rao He died after a long illness। They Visakha Steel Plant Movement 1967-1968 Actively participated in and Polavaram Project on Godavari River in 1969 Movement for the construction of। In 1970, he left the advocacy profession and became a full-time worker of the Jana Sangh। They 1972 to 1973 till Lead the separate Andhra movement Done and during this time he was arrested several times। From 1970 to 1974 he Indian lore central Served on the board of directors, which has more than 40 educational institutions in coastal areas।

25. Tripura Minister and IPFT Founder-President NC Debbarma passed away

Tripura Senior Minister of and BJP Ruling ally IPFT Founder-President NC Debbarma Has passed away। The reason for this is being reported as a cerebral stroke। He was 80 years old। The IPFT, under his leadership, won eight of the nine seats reserved for the Scheduled Tribes in the last assembly election। Debbarma was included in Biplab Kumar Deb’s cabinet along with Mewar Kumar Jamatia। Prime Minister Narendra Modi mourned Debbarma’s demise