Opposition Minister Arun Jaitley will launch Guar Sankranti




1.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in New Delhi on a six-day tour :-

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reached New Delhi on a six-day trip to India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed him at Palam Airport. In Delhi, Netanyahu will go to a function organized in the three statues of Memorial, where he will pay tribute to Indian martyrs in the campaign to free Haifa in 1918 . Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be present on this occasion.


2.Iran rejects any change in nuclear deal with world powers :-

Iran has dismissed any change in its nuclear program with the World Powers. Earlier, the US President had demanded strong measures to keep the agreements.

In 2015, the United States and five other world powers had entered into an agreement with Iran to stop its nuclear weapons program and gave exemption to Iran in international trade and banking. According to US laws, the President has to renew the restrictions after every 120 days. The United States wants that the EU countries involved in the agreement agree to a permanent ban on Iranian uranium enrichment program.


3.Opposition Minister Arun Jaitley will launch Guar Sankranti :-

The long-awaited alternate deal on agricultural commodities will commence on January 14, on the day of Makar Sankranti. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will start the contract business of Makar Sankranti Guar Seed on Commodity Exchange National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Ltd (NCDEX). The exchange claims that farmers will benefit from starting options (option) trading in agricultural commodities. NCDEX was preparing for the preparation of alternative trading in agricultural companies for the last five months. Giving information about introduction of Guar Seed alternative, NCDEX Managing Director and CEO Sameer Shah said that with this permission to start this new hedging tool, it was already received by BSB, which will now start from January 14.


4.According to ISRO director, Indian sub-continent technology is in line with global norms :-

Tapan Mishra, a well-known scientist and Director of Space Applications Center, Ahmedabad, of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), has said that Indian satellite technology is equivalent to global standards.

He was speaking on the occasion of 34th annual seminar on topics related to Indian space research and relevant achievements in New Delhi and 18th Dr. Trigun Sen memorial lecture.

Mr. Mishra said that the global community is confident about India’s indigenous technology, which is known for its reduction in cost of satellite launch.

He said that ISRO has proved that every high technology can be achieved and can be developed by Indian scientists.


5.Action to find out the crew members of Pawan Hans helicopter crashing at sea near Mumbai :-

Navy has increased the scope of the search for missing members of the Pawanhans helicopter crew near Mumbai coast. In this work, the services of INS Taras and INS Teg are being taken. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation’s vessel informed about some debris at six hundred yards away from the accident site.

Naval spokesman said that two fast interceptor ship INS Tarsa and Frigate INS Teg are coordinating the search of Indian Coast Guard ICG ships in the sea watchdog area. The sea service is preparing to search the ship’s diving team while INS Teg’s team is kept on standby. A senior police inspector told that five bodies have been identified.


6.Auction plans for more than 9000-plus enemy-properties auction :-

The government is planning auction of more than nine thousand four hundred and more hundred enemy properties worth more than one lakh crore rupees. The Ministry of Home Affairs is starting the process of identifying all such properties. Due to amendments in the 49 year old Enemy Property Amendment and Recognition Act, this initiative has been possible. According to the amended provisions , there is no claim in the division and then Pakistan or property in India’s descendants settled in China. The survey work has been completed for the identification of six thousand two hundred and twenty nine resident enemy collectors. Survey of the remaining two thousand nine hundred 91 will be completed soon.


7.’Missile Attack Alert’ False False In America’s Air :-

In the US state of Hawaii, the rumor broke at the time when the missile attack alert started flashing. Although it was later revealed that this alert was accidentally flashed. Until the state administration understood the matter, it was late and people considered the alert as real and ran away in search of safe places. The State State Governor apologized saying that this situation arose from pressing the wrong button of an employee. The missile attack alert between the North Korea’s ongoing troubling situation did not take long for people to understand the truth. In December, the US had also tested the Siren of the atomic attack. This happened for the first time since the end of the Cold War. The Hawaiian governor told that during the shift change in the State Emergency Management Agency, all the systems are checked under a process. In the meantime, an employee pressed the slap button.


8.Plans to simplify the prescribed form for the goods and services tax complaints :-

After the commencement of the GST-system, the Ministry of Finance is planning to simplify the prescribed form for the complaints of buyers against traders after the commencement of GST-system. Official sources have said that this step has been taken after getting the various complaints about the complexities in the form to the Standing Committee of the Ministry. Now anyone can easily fill the complaint form with the help of a specialist. The Standing Committee had received about one hundred 70 complaints against traders, after complaining of lack of tax rate and not benefiting customers.