Prime Minister Modi held bilateral talks with the Chancellor of Germany, the Chairman of the European Commission and the President of South Africa and the Prime Minister of Canada


1. Prime Minister Modi held bilateral talks with the Chancellor of Germany, the Chairman of the European Commission and the President of South Africa and the Prime Minister of Canada

Prime minister Naren Dra Modi Ne Germany K Schloss Elmau in G7 Summit Chancellor of Germany on the occasion of Olaf Shol Met with। Mr. Modi thanked Mr. Sholj for the invitation to the summit। The two leaders emphasized furthering their green and sustainable development partnership। Various issues such as climate change, raising funds for its prevention measures and technology destruction were discussed। The two leaders also agreed to further increase connectivity between trade, investment and people। He also considered more coordination in international institutions, especially in the context of the upcoming presidency of India’s G20 countries। Prime Minister Modi Canada Prime Minister of Justin trudo Also held bilateral talks with। They discussed trade and economic connectivity, security cooperation and measures to combat terrorism and increase connectivity among the people। Mr. Modi and European Commission Chairman of Ursula von der lien There was a separate dialogue between the summits। Discussions were held to strengthen trade cooperation, cooperation in climate change prevention, emerging technology and cultural conferences। Prime Minister Modi’s South Africa President of Cyril RamphosaThere was a separate meeting with। The two leaders reviewed the progress made in bilateral relations, especially in the year 2019, after the letter on the strategic cooperation program। He expressed satisfaction with the progress in defense, education and agriculture and emphasized on increasing cooperation in areas such as trade and investment and food security।

2. According to the report of the Indian State Bank, income inequality in India has reduced during the epidemic.

Indian State Bank A report of After the financial year 2017 from Reduction in income inequality in India Has come। The report also states that Kovid epidemic Income inequality in the country also declined during। Group Chief Economic Advisor of STAT Bank Saum or Kanti Ghosh According to the report prepared by India, during the Kovid epidemic, a large part of the population was overcome by the crisis of income। According to the report of India Poverty ratio 21 decimal nine percent of the year 2011-12 Less than 17 decimal nine percent in the year 2020-21 Arrived at।

3. Judge Uj Jal Bhuiyan sworn in as the Chief Justice of Telangana, Justice Satish Chandra Sharma was sworn in as the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court

NYadhish Uj Jal Bhuiyan Ne Hyderabad in Telangana K Chief Justice Sworn in। Rajipal in Rajbhavan of Hyderabad Dr. Tamilasai beauty He administered the oath of office। Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao, Central Home Minister Yes. Kishan Reddy, Many state ministers, high court judges and leaders of various political parties participated in the ceremony। Telganna came to the state in 2019 Uzz water spears in the high court of Fifth judge Huh। Judge Justice Satish Chandra Sharma Ne Delhi High Court Sworn as Chief Justice of। Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Vinay Kumar Saxena Sworn Justice Sharma at a program in the state of affairs। Chief Minister of Delhi on this occasion Arvind Kejriwal And chief secretary Naresh Kumar Were present। Before being appointed as the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, Justice Satish Chandra Sharma Telangana was the Chief Justice of High Court।

4. Government launched e-learning portal ‘Dak Karmayogiya’ to increase the efficiency of four lakh rural postal servants and departmental employees.

Minister of Communications Ashwini Vaishnava And Minister of State for Communications Devusinh Chauhan Ne Delhi in Postal Department An e-learning portal of ‘Postal worker‘ Launched। This portal “Mission work” Has been developed under। Concept of this portal Prime Minister Narendra Modi This was done to make the work of all government employees impressive। “Postal Karmayogiya” portal almost Four lakh rural postal servants and departmental employeesWill increase efficiency। This portal will provide online training material or mixed campus mode of uniform standard to all trainees। Upon successful completion of the final summative assessment, a system generated curriculum completion certificate will be automatically sent to the registered email of the trainees।

5. India Center established at Busan University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

South Korea K Busan University of Foreign Studies To promote activities related to India in India Center Has been established। The center will serve as a major organization for programs related to India in Busan। It will provide necessary resources for students interested in India and will insist on expanding academic and cultural cooperation with Busan University। on this occasion Busan University and Seoul Located Swami Vivekanand Cultural Center A Memorandum of Understanding was also signed to promote cooperation in the field of education and cultural exchange between।

6. Russia will give Iskandar-M missile system to Belarus

Russia Ne Belarus Ko “Iskandar-M Missile System” has announced to move। This missile system is its own Atomic and conventional versions in Ballistic or cruise missiles Can use। Iskandar-M missile system NATO By “SS-26 StoneCodename as ” is given। Use of the word Russia Iskandar-M Transporter-Ector Launch SystemAs well as defining the short-range ballistic missile ( SRBM) fired by him। This system can be used to fire ground-launched cruise missiles ( GLCMs ) such as SSC-7 and SSC-8। This system has been used exclusively by the Russian military। It was first successfully launched in 1996।

7. Himachal Pradesh government will start single use plastic by back scheme

Restrictions on the use of single-use plastics Fully ready to apply। In line with the decision of the Center, Himachal Pradesh Ne “Single-use plastic by back scheme” started। Himachal Pradesh Government under Single Use Plastic By Back Scheme Students of schools and collegesWill buy single use plastic items from। This step will create a sense of environmental protection among the youth। Under this, students will be encouraged to collect single use plastic items from home and in schools। For this, the government will pay 75 rupees per kg to the students। The scheme was launched with the aim of making the habit of environmental protection among the youth। The Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change notified the Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2021। These regulations were notified to prohibit specific single-use plastic items।

8. Formation of special investigation team of four members to investigate the brutal situation in Udaipur in Rajasthan

A special investigation team of four members has been formed to investigate the brutal situation in Udaipur in Rajasthan। This team will work under the supervision of the Director General of Upper Police – ATS Ashok Rathore। Meanwhile, there is news of tension in Udaipur। Section-144 has been implemented in the state and Internet services are closed। The Chief Secretary Usha Sharma chaired a high-level meeting and ordered the law to be maintained। Two of Hat’s engineers were arrested from Rajasamand। Two individuals allegedly strangled a tailor in Udaipur’s Paddy Mandi Thanaksha region and put a video on social media saying they changed ‘ Islam insult ’ Did this to take।

9. Chinese fans of Indian classical dance paid a passionate tribute to China’s famous Indian classical dancer Zhang Jun

Indian classical dance K Chinese fans China’s famous Indian classical dance Zhang Jun Has paid a passionate tribute to। In memory of Zhang Jun Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank Auditorium in Panoramic Indian classical dance program Was held। India’s ambassador to China in addition to hundreds of Chinese students and Zhang Jun fans on the occasion Pradeep Kumar Rawat, President of AIIB and former Deputy Finance Minister of China Jin Liquin Were also present। China’s Bharatnam, Kathak and Odyssey dancer Zhang Jun made tireless efforts to popularize Indian classical dance। The Ministry of Culture of India and the Indian Embassy in China assisted in organizing this event।

10. UNHCR appealed to provide four crores of 80 lakh dollars in aid to help millions of people affected by drought in Ethiopia, Ken or and Somalia

United Nations Refugee High Commissioner – UNHCR Ne Africa K Ethiopia, Ken or and Somalia in Drought affected To help millions of people Four million 80 million USD Has appealed to give the aid amount। The United Nations Refugee Agency said in a statement that the fund is 1.5 million refugees affected by the drought in Ethiopia, Ken or and Somalia, Will provide life support and protection to internally displaced people and local communities। UNHCR said the situation has become more serious due to rising food and commodity prices due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict। UNHCR figures show that more than eight million people have been internally displaced in Somalia and about 16 thousand have crossed the border of Ethiopia।

11. India Electronics signs an MoU with Belarusian company to supply airborne defense suit

Bharat Electronics Limited ( BEL) Ne Defense Initiative (DI)Belarus and Defense Initiatives Aero Private Limited, India (DI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding )MoU( with a subsidiary of Belarus )। A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed to form cooperation between the three companies to supply the Airborne Defense Suite ( Airborne Defense Suite ( ADS ) for Indian Air Force helicopters। ADS is used to provide protection to helicopters। BEL will be the major contractor and ‘Make in India’ Advanced electronic warfare for helicopters under the category will be supported by DI with manufacturing and maintenance to supply (Electronic Warfare (EW) ) suites।

12. AI can increase GDP by $ 500 billion by the year 2025: NASCOM

Indian Non-Governmental Trade Association and Advocacy Group, Nascom Claims that one Integrated AI and Data Usage Plan (integrated AI and data use plan) years By 2025 of india GDP ( GDP ) to 500 billion dollarsCan increase up to। NASCOM in collaboration with EY (EY ) and with the support of Microsoft, EXL and Capgemini, AI Adoption Index ( AI Adoption Index ) has been introduced to track regional progress on AI adoption in the nation। This index was the first comprehensive analysis of the trend of adopting AI in India, beginning with four key industries: banking, financial services and insurance ( banking, financial services and insurance ( BFSI) ), Consumer packaged goods (consumer packaged goods (CPG) ), retail (retail), were from health care, and industrial and automotive। Together, these industries may account for more than 60% of the potential value-added of AI in the country’s GDP by 2025, Which is estimated to be between $ 450 and $ 500 billion।

13. Tata Power launched India’s largest solar project floating in water, generating 101.6 MW of electricity

Tata power wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power Solar Systems Ne Kerala K Speculum 350 acres of water body, Backwater area in India’s largest floating solar power project Has achieved a remarkable achievement by introducing, whose established capacity 101.6 MW Is peak। The project is the first project in floating solar photovoltaic ( FSPV) through the Electricity Purchase Agreement category। The plant has a floating inverter platform with a capacity of 5 MW ( MW )। Tata Power Solar’s execution team 33 /, for project operations/A 220 kilovolt air insulated substation is capable of successfully synchronizing ( AIS) with 220 kilovolts of existing gas insulated substations ( GIS)।

14. Head of India Debt Solutions Company will be Avinash Kulkarni of IRARC

India Resurgence Asset Reconstruction Company ( IRARC) Chief Executive of Avinash Kulkarni to India Debt Resolution Company ( IDRCL) Elected to head, it is government supported National Asset Reconstruction Company ( NARCL) To be acquired by Stranded loans of more than ₹ 83,000 crores Is the only agent to solve। Kulkarni was appointed by another SBI veteran Natrajan Sundar in April as CEO of National Asset Reconstruction Company Limited ( National Asset Reconstruction Company Limited ( NARCL) ) Has happened। Sundar took over as CEO in late May। Both appointments mean that key executive leadership now exists to run the government-backed ARC।

15. Biography of George Fernandes to be released next month

Penguin Random House India ( PRHI) Has announced that, one of India’s fastest union leaders and former Union Minister George Fernandes A new biography will be published, which will trace his journey from the streets of Bombay to the corridors of power in Delhi। Rahul Ramagundam written by The Life and Times of George Fernandes Penguin’s on July 25 Allen Lane Will be released under imprint