Raccoon Stealer malware affects eight government organizations


1. India to become world’s third largest economy by 2027: Union Minister Piyush Goyal

Union Commerce Minister  Piyush Goyal  has said that India   will become the third largest economy in the world by 2027 . He said that at present India is the fifth largest economy and by 2027-28 it will become the third largest economy in the world. At present, India’s economy  is 3.5 trillion dollars  and  by 2047 , when the country will be celebrating 100 years of independence, the country’s economy will be  30-35 trillion dollars. Will it happen? He said that in the 75th year of independence, India’s exports crossed USD 750 billion. He also said that India is emerging as a major country in the field of medicine and food grains and a reliable partner of other countries. Piyush Goyal has said that India’s exports have increased to reach USD 765 billion in 2022-23.

2. Cr. Rao wins International Prize in Statistics 2023

Eminent Indian-American mathematician and statistician  Kalyampudi Radhakrishna Rao  will   be awarded the 2023 International Prize in Statistics . This award   is equivalent to the Nobel Prize in this field. His work 75 years ago revolutionized statistical thinking. The International Prize in Statistics Foundation said in a statement that Rao’s work 75 years ago had a profound impact on science. CR Rao, who is now 102 years old, will be honored with an award of USD 80,000 this July at the biennial International Institute of Statistics World Statistical Congress in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

3. Karnataka Chief Electoral Office’s statewide voter awareness campaign named SVEEP

The Chief Electoral Office  of  Karnataka  has   launched a systematic voter education and electoral participation campaign across the state, conducting door-to-door visits to improve voter enrollment, electoral participation and turnout for the May 10  assembly  elections  .  Senior Advisor and Chief Electoral Officer of this campaign named SVEEP V.S. Vastrad spoke about efforts to increase voter participation and motivate them to vote on Election Day.

4. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurated Pida-Kunfer tunnel in Ramban, Jammu and Kashmir

Union Minister for Road, Transport and Highways  Nitin Gadkari  inaugurated   the Peeda-Kunfer tunnel  at  Ramban  in  Jammu and Kashmir . The 924 meter long first tube of Peeda-Kunfer tunnel will bypass the congested and accident prone area between Nashri and Ramban. The tunnel is part of the ongoing four-laning project between Udhampur and Ramban on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway. The work on the second tube of Peeda-Kunfer tunnel is also in progress.

5. USS Milius conducts Freedom of Navigation and Navigation mission near Spratly Islands: US Navy

The US Navy  has said its guided-missile destroyer  USS Milius  conducted   a navigational rights and freedoms mission near the Spratly Islands  in  the South China Sea . The US Navy said the operation was conducted in accordance with international law. At the conclusion of the operation, the Navy said, the USS Milius exited the highly claimed area and continued operations in the South China Sea. The US made this announcement after Chinese action against Taiwan amid rising tensions with China.

6. India and Uganda discussed bilateral cooperation in several areas including trade, energy, defence, health

 Foreign Minister  Dr. S. Jaishankar, who reached Uganda on a three-day visit,   met the President  Yowari K.  Met Museveni in Rwakitura. Dr. Jaishankar   congratulated him on assuming the chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement . EAM also discussed cooperation in trade and investment, infrastructure, energy, defence, digital and agriculture related matters. Tulsi Ghat Revival Project in Varanasi by External Affairs Minister during his visit to Uganda  launched. In this connection, he appreciated the initiative taken by the Uganda branch of Overseas Friends of BJP to beautify the oldest city of the world. He said that the commitment of the people living on the banks of the Nile to the Ganga reflects the union of our two cultures. The preservation of the heritage of Varanasi underlines the cultural resurgence of India. He said that it will have a deep global impact. During his visit to Uganda, Dr Jaishankar will inaugurate a campus of the National Forensic Science University at Jinja. External Affairs Minister will be on a visit to Mozambique from 13 to 15 April.

7. Indian Navy’s Naval Aviation Industry Outreach Program Held In Kolkata

Naval Aviation Industry Outreach Program   of  Indian Navy  in association with Eastern Region (ER) of  Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on 11 Apr 2023 at Kolkata Held in The event was organized by the Naval Liaison Cell at Barrackpore under the aegis of HQENC. Vice Admiral Sanjay Mahendru, Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff (DCNS) chaired the inaugural session in which senior officials from the three Services, Coast Guard, DRDO and CII (ER) shared their perspectives. The event aimed at fostering an eco system conducive to ‘Innovation-Integration-Indigenization’ saw active participation from over 100 industry partners operating in and around Kolkata. During the event, the second edition of the Handbook for Indigenization of Air Stores (MINAS), which has been extensively reviewed since its initial publication in 2010, was unveiled by the DCNS.

8. Jharkhand High Court Justice Aparesh Kumar Singh appointed as Chief Justice of Tripura High Court

 In exercise of the powers conferred by  Article 217  of  the Constitution of India , the President  has appointed Shri Aparesh Kumar Singh,  Justice   of  the Jharkhand High Court , as Chief Justice of the Tripura High Court with effect from his assumption of office.

9. Scientists discovered the Black Hole closest to the Earth

Scientists have   discovered the black hole closest to Earth . The discovery has opened up a new world of possibilities for studying these enigmatic cosmic objects and understanding their role in shaping the universe. Black holes form when massive stars collapse under their own gravity, forming incredibly dense objects. They are so dense that their gravity is strong enough to trap anything, including light. BH1  is the closest black hole ever discovered. It is just  1,560 light-years away from Earth Ophiuchus is located in the direction of the constellation. It was discovered by a team of astronomers using the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Gaia satellite, which is designed to precisely measure the positions and motions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy. In addition to BH1, the Gaia satellite also discovered the second closest black hole to Earth, Gaia BH2, which is 3800 light-years away in the constellation Centaurus.

10. Operation Cookie Monster

The FBI  and  the Department of Justice  recently   led a major campaign to combat cybercrime . The effort, dubbed ” Operation Cookie Monster, ” involved an international consortium of law enforcement officials and resulted in the cybercrime website  Genesis Markets being linked to Russia. Shut down Genesis Market, which sold millions of hacked accounts to cyber criminals around the world. The Genesis Market was one of the two largest venues for the buying and selling of the hacked accounts. It had a sophisticated and worldwide infrastructure that compromised approximately 1 million devices. This market profited from malware-infected computer systems by compiling stolen personal data, such as email addresses, mobile device identifiers, usernames and passwords. According to Treasury estimates, the illegal activity in Genesis Markets is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

11. Raccoon Stealer malware affects eight government organizations

In a recent cyber attack,  eight central government entities, including the Central Paramilitary Forces and the Income Tax Department,  were   targeted by the Raccoon Stealer malware . The attack was brought to the attention of the affected agencies by the National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), a specialized intelligence agency under the National Security Advisor. Raccoon Stealer is an information-stealing malware that is usually sent via email. It retrieves sensitive data from infected machines and is available as Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS). This means that anyone can buy this malware and use it for malicious purposes.

12. Tamil Nadu Assembly passes resolution urging President to set time limit for Governor’s assent to Bills

The Tamil Nadu Assembly  has passed a resolution   urging  the central government and the President to set a time limit for governors to give their assent to bills introduced in the House. To be done The motion came after the Governor’s remarks that bills that are to be withheld should be treated as “dead”. According to the constitution, the governor cannot reject the bill sent by the assembly. He can return the bill to the government with his objections or comments and if the assembly approves it for the second time, he can either give his assent or reserve the bill for the consideration of the President. He can also keep the bill with him which has been defined by the Supreme Court. In case the bill is kept with it, it becomes dead. However, the constitution does not specify the time limit for the governor to give assent to the bill.

13. More than 1 lakh 60,000 farmers have been benefited during the Biotech Kisan Yojana in the last one year

 In the last one year,  more than 1 lakh 60 thousand farmers  have been benefited from the Biotech-Agriculture Innovation Science Application Network (KISAN) scheme. Biotech-Kisan Scheme  in the year 2017 Launched is a farmer-centric scheme that was launched for farmers under the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology. It is a pan-India scheme following the hub-and-spoke model, focused on encouraging innovation as well as entrepreneurship among farmers and empowering women farmers. In this, the emphasis is on identifying those who provide leadership to encourage the development of local agriculture. This encourages scientific agriculture with the transfer of knowledge related to agriculture. Biotech-Kisan Hubs have been set up in all 15 agro-climatic zones of the country along with aspirational districts.

14. Scientists find 15 rare earth elements in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

 Scientists of  the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) have  discovered Rare Earth Elements (REE)  in  Anantapur district  of  Andhra Pradesh . REE a group of 17 chemical elements including 15 lanthanides Lanthanum (La), Cerium (Ce), Praseodymium (Pr), Neodymium (Nd), Promethium (Pm), Samarium (Sm), Europium (Eu), Gadolinium (Gd) , terbium (Tb), dysprosium (Dy), holmium (Ho), erbium (Er), thulium (Tm), ytterbium (Yb), lutetium (Lu) and two additional elements scandium (Sc) and yttrium (Y) . They are especially important for making permanent magnets used in modern electronic devices such as smartphones, computers and jet aircraft.

15. Ulsoor Bazar Post Office in Bengaluru, India’s first post office built using 3D printing technology

3D Printing  of  Ulsoor Bazaar Post Office,  Bangalore All set to become India’s first post office built using technology. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a revolutionary technology that is increasingly being used in the manufacturing industry. With 3D printing, it is possible to manufacture complex and customized designs using computer aided design (CAD) software. This technique can be used to make individual parts, structures and even entire buildings. One of the main benefits of 3D printing in manufacturing is the ability to reduce manufacturing time and cost. By eliminating the need for extensive formwork (the molds used to cast concrete into structural shapes), pytes, and labor, the construction process can be streamlined and significant savings can be made. Other than this, 3D printing allows for the creation of lighter and more durable structures that are also more environmentally friendly. Despite its many benefits, there are still some challenges associated with 3D printing in manufacturing. One of the main challenges is the limited size of the printer, which makes it difficult to manufacture large buildings. Additionally, the materials used for 3D printing are still limited, which limits the variety of structures that can be created.

16. Telangana generates electricity from vegetable waste

Bowenpally Vegetable Market  in  Hyderabad  has implemented an innovative waste management system. About 10 tons of waste is collected daily in the market, which is now being converted into  bio-electricity, biogas and bio-compost through a waste-to-energy plant. is converted into Unsold and rotten vegetables are chopped and made into a pulp, which passes through an anaerobic digester to produce biogas. The biogas is collected and stored in balloons and used for cooking and powering market facilities through a biogas generator. Bio-compost is also produced as a by-product of the process. The waste generated, which earlier ended up in landfill, is now used to generate about 500 units of electricity and 30 kg of biofuel per day. The Waste to Energy plant also creates employment for women by providing them opportunities to work in various roles. The plant is funded by the Department of Biotechnology and the Department of Agricultural Marketing, CSIR-IICT. Established under the guidance and patented technology of Telangana. Waste-to-energy plants are not only an innovative solution to the waste management problem, but also an important step towards sustainable development.

17. Discovery of new isotope of Uranium

 In search of  the magic number, Japanese  physicists   have discovered   a new  isotope of uranium with atomic number 92 and mass number 241  . The researchers converted uranium-238 nuclei into plutonium-198 nuclei with the help of the KEK Isotope Separation System (KISS). The protons and neutrons of these two isotopes were exchanged through a process called multinucleon transfer. The resulting nuclear fission consists of different isotopes. The team used time-of-flight mass spectrometry to measure the mass of each nucleus. Its identification is  Uranium-241 and the mass of its nucleus was measured. Theoretical calculations suggest that this new isotope may have a half-life of 40 minutes. The discovery is the first of its kind since 1979 due to the extreme difficulty of synthesizing nuclides in the region by normal reactions.

18. NASA launches ‘Mission Tempo’ to monitor air pollution from space

Recently  SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket  launched   a Tropospheric Emission Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) instrument  from  Florida . TEMPO  is a NASA  instrument that measures  air pollution in North America from space. can detect. This will allow scientists to monitor air pollutants and its emission sources. The TEMPO instrument is a grating spectrometer sensitive to light and ultraviolet wavelengths. TEMPO has been launched into geosynchronous orbit by the Intelsat communication satellite. It will also be able to measure atmospheric pollution to a regional resolution of 4 square miles or so. TEMPO will have many applications, from measuring levels of various pollutants to providing air quality forecasts and helping with the development of emissions-control strategies. More than 40% of Americans live in areas with harmful levels of ozone or particulate pollution, and air pollution causes about 60,000 premature deaths per year.

19. Idu Mishmis oppose the proposed Dibang Tiger Reserve

Recently  the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)  announced that  the Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary  in  Arunachal Pradesh  will soon be  converted into a tiger reserve . as will be notified. The move has caused unrest among a tribe called the Idu Mishmi, as they believe that a tiger reserve forest will be a “barrier to their access”. The Idu Mishmi are a sub-tribe of the Mishmi group located in Arunachal Pradesh and neighboring Tibet, mainly inhabiting the Mishmi Hills bordering Tibet. Their ancestral home is spread over the Dibang Valley and Lower Dibang Valley as well as parts of Upper Siang and Lohit. They are known for their weaving and craftsmanship, with an estimated number of around 12,000 (as per the 2011 census). Their language, called Idu Mishmi, is considered endangered by UNESCO.

20. LG inaugurates Jammu’s first Tulip Garden at Sanasar

Jammu and Kashmir  Lieutenant Governor  Manoj Sinha inaugurated Tulip Garden  at  Sanasar  in  Ramban district  on 08 April 2023   , the first such park for Jammu division. While congratulating the tourists and local residents on the occasion, the Lt Governor said that the garden spread over 40 kanals with 2.75 lakh tulip bulbs of 25 different varieties, situated in the midst of lush green forest in Ramban district, would give impetus to tourism and trade activities. This is an extension of the existing Tulip Garden, which was established two years ago on four kanals of land. The new park is located between the proposed golf course and the existing lake.

21. James Webb Space Telescope took a picture of Uranus and its rings

The James Webb Space Telescope,  launched   in  2021  , has taken a clear picture of the planet Uranus (Uranus) and its rings. Uranus is an ice giant due to its internal composition, with most of its mass composed of a hot and dense mass of icy materials such as water, methane, and ammonia. Uranus rotates at an angle of 90 degrees to the plane of its orbit. This leads to extreme weather and long periods of sunlight and darkness. Uranus, apart from Venus, rotates clockwise in our solar system. The planet takes 84 Earth years to orbit the Sun. 11 of the 13 rings of Uranus are visible in this picture. In this, some rings are visible as a large ring with being very bright and close. This planet also has 27 known satellites.

22. In Lucknow, Pritam Siwach Supports Foundation hockey team won the Khelo India Women’s League Under-21 title by defeating Haryana Academy 2-0 in the final.

The Pritam Siwach Supports Foundation Hockey team  won   the Khelo India Women’s League Under-21 title by defeating Haryana Academy  2-0 in the final  in  Lucknow . Tannu opened the scoring in the first quarter with a field goal while Sakshi Rana doubled the lead in the third quarter by converting a penalty corner. Sakshi was the top scorer of the tournament with eight goals. Meanwhile, Sports Hostel Odisha won the third position by defeating Sai Bal team 3-1.

23. D Gukesh wins title at World Chess Armageddon Asia & Oceania event

In the World Chess Armageddon Asia and Oceania event,  Indian Grandmaster  D Gukesh defeated  former world rapid champion  Nodyrbek Abdusatorov  to win the championship. Both players have qualified for the Armageddon Grand Finals in September.

24. Vice President and Prime Minister pay tribute to Jyotiba Phule on her birth anniversary

Vice President  Jagdeep Dhankhar  has   paid tribute to Mahatma Jyotiba Phule on his birth anniversary. Jyotirao Phule Jayanti   is celebrated every year on  11 April in India.  Jyotirao was born  on  11 April 1827 in Pune to Govindrao and Chimnabai. His family used to work as florists for the Peshwas. In Marathi he was called Phule. Jyotirao Phule was an eminent social reformer, philosopher and writer who played an important role in women’s education and respect for Dalits  in India during the British rule. Jyotirao Phule  Satyashodhak Samaj Which promoted the education of women and lower classes and fought against the caste system present in India.

25. National Safe Motherhood Day 2023: 11 April

National Safe Motherhood Day  is celebrated every year   on  11 April . The purpose of celebrating this is to promote the maternal protection of women. In the year 2003, the Government of India   had announced to celebrate National Safe Motherhood Day on 11th April . This campaign was started by ‘ White Ribbon Alliance India ‘. The Government of India decided to celebrate it so that no woman dies during pregnancy and childbirth.

26. World Parkinson’s Day: 11 April

 ‘ World Parkinson’s Day ‘ is observed every year on 11th April  to create awareness about  Parkinson’s . Parkinson’s disease can cause slowness, stiffness, and unsteadiness in body movements. Currently more than 10 million people are affected by Parkinson’s worldwide. There are many medicines available for its treatment. A balanced diet and exercise can also help prevent the disease.