China will go to the ‘dark’ part of the moon, will take Pakistan to the moon through Chang’e-6 mission


1 China will go to the ‘dark’ part of the moon, will take Pakistan to the moon through Chang’e-6 mission

China  is planning to send a robotic spacecraft to the far side of the Moon  . This mission   is the first of  three challenging missions that will result in the landing of a Chinese crew  and  a base on the south pole  of the Moon. the establishment of of the Moon. In 2007, China   started the Chang’e Mission . Chang’e was named after a mythological goddess from China. In the year 2020, China had brought a sample from the near side of the Moon. This is the part that is always visible from Earth. The sample came to Earth for the first time after 40 years. Through this, China showed the world that it can land a spacecraft on the moon and also bring it back to Earth. This week, China plans to launch the Chang’e-6 mission, which will land on the far side of the moon to collect soil and rocks. This is the part which is not visible on earth. This mission will be for 53 days. Since the far side is not visible from Earth,  Chang’e-6  will have to rely on a recently deployed relay satellite. China has landed here, but none of its spacecraft has returned from here. China’s spacecraft will bring two kg of rock with itself to Earth from here. The relay satellite here will also help the unmanned Chang’e-7 and 8 missions in 2026 and 2028, respectively. In these missions, China will begin to explore water and build an outpost at the South Pole. China aims to land astronauts on the moon by 2030. China will also carry payloads from France, Italy, Sweden and Pakistan through the Chang’e-6 mission.

2 Election Commission of India (ECI) issues instructions for operation and storage of symbol loading units in compliance with Supreme Court order

 In pursuance of the judgment   of  the Hon’ble  Supreme Court dated 26th April, 2024 in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 434 of 2023  , the Election Commission of India (ECI)  has notified  the Symbol Loading Unit (SLU)  issued new protocol for operation and storage of . All Chief Electoral Officers (CEOs) have been directed to prepare necessary infrastructure and provisions to implement the new protocols for handling and storage of SLUs. As ordered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the revised protocols are applicable in all cases of completion of symbol loading process in VVPAT conducted on or after 01 May 2024.

3 Dr. Bina Modi honored for her outstanding contribution in Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. Bina Modi, Chairperson and Managing Director of  Modi Enterprises – KK Modi Group,  was honored by  the Vice President of India  Jagdeep Dhankhar for her  ‘ outstanding contribution in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ‘. The honor took place during the inauguration of the new building of the Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF), where the Vice President was present as the chief guest. Dr. Modi has been actively involved in various corporate social responsibility initiatives aimed at upliftment of communities and promoting sustainable development. Since 2015, she has been supporting the marginalized farming community in Andhra Pradesh through multifaceted interventions. These initiatives include health care provision, access to clean drinking water through RO water plants, ecological balance through extensive tree planting and biodiversity parks, and empowerment of farmers through increased training and education on sustainable farming practices.

4 India will train civil servants of Bangladesh for the next 5 years

The Government of  India has  signed an agreement with the Government of Bangladesh to renew the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to  train and capacity build 1500 Bangladeshi officers  from   2025 to 2030  . The agreement was signed by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), Government of India, and the Bangladeshi Ministry of Public Administration, Government of Bangladesh. The agreement was signed during the 3-day (28-30 April 2024) visit of a 4-member DARPG delegation to Bangladesh. The visit by the Indian team focused on mid-career capacity-building programs for Bangladeshi civil servants in regional administration. The Indian delegation was led by V. Srinivas, Secretary, DARPG.

5 Names of eight railway stations changed in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh

The Union Home Ministry  has   issued no objection certificate to approve the change in the names of eight railway stations in  Amethi  , Uttar Pradesh  .  Amethi, a high-profile Lok Sabha constituency, is currently represented by  Smt. Smriti Irani, Union Minister for Women and Child Development and Minority Affairs  . He defeated Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. She is contesting the 2024 Lok Sabha elections again from Amethi. The Union Home Ministry has approved the change in the names of the following eight stations of Amethi.

  • Fursatganj Railway Station to Tapeshwarnath Dham,
  • Kasimpur Halt to Jais City,
  • Guru Gorakhnath Dham to Jais city,
  • Swami Paramhamsa to Bani,
  • Mother Kalikan Dham to Misrauli,
  • Maharaja Bijli Pasi to Nihalgarh,
  • Maa Kalikan Dham to Akbarganj,
  • Immortal Martyr Bhale Sultan of Warisganj

6 Indian Army and Punit Balan Group created the first Constitution Garden in Pune.

Indian Army  and  Punit Balan Group  join  hands to inaugurate Constitution Park  in  Pune  . The ceremony led by Lieutenant General Ajay Kumar Singh   stressed the importance of citizens respecting their duties as outlined in the Constitution to lead India towards development by 2047 .

7 Turkey bans all types of imports and exports with Israel

Turkey  has  banned all types of imports and exports  with   Israel  , citing the humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territories  . Turkey’s trade minister said in a statement yesterday that the restrictions would remain in place until the Israeli government ensures adequate and unhindered humanitarian aid access to Gaza. Last year there was a trade of six billion eighty crore dollars between the two countries. On Turkey’s decision, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz, in a social media post, accused Turkey of ignoring international trade treaties and the interests of ordinary people and businessmen. Last month, Turkey imposed trade sanctions on Israel. The Palestinian group Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 last year, in which 1200 people were killed and about 250 people were taken hostage. In response to this, Israel is continuously attacking Gaza.

8 90-Million-Year-Old Dinosaurs Discovered: Argentine Scientists’ New Achievement

Argentinian  paleontologists  have discovered a new medium-sized herbivorous dinosaur, Chachisaurus necul , which  lived during the Late Cretaceous era in   present-day  Patagonia  , about  90 million years ago . The discovery has been presented in detail in the journal “Cretaceous Research” and sheds light on a unique creature known for its speed and distinctive tail conformation. The name “Chakisaurus nekul” holds cultural significance, reflecting the indigenous heritage of the area. “Chaqui” comes from the Aonican language, meaning “old guanaco”, a local herbivorous mammal, while “Nekul” comes from the Mapudungun language, meaning “swift” or “agile”. This naming honors the rich cultural heritage associated with the discovery.

9 Hitesh Sethia becomes MD and CEO of Jio Financial Services for 3 years

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)  has   given its approval for the appointment of Hitesh Kumar Sethia as the MD and CEO of Jio Financial Services for a period of three years, with effect  from  November  15  , 2023

10 RBI canceled the license of this NBFC

 The Reserve Bank  of India (RBI) has canceled the license of Delhi-  based  non-banking financial company (NBFC) Esmoney (India) Ltd  citing  irregular lending practices.   has . The action stems from violation of RBI guidelines by the company regarding excessive interest charges and inadequate security of customer information. Specifically, the RBI noted inconsistencies in Esmoney’s risk management and code of conduct in its digital lending operations through third-party apps.

11 Cred’s new offline QR code ‘Scan & Pay’ service revolutionizes the payment landscape

Cred  has launched  an innovative  UPI-based ‘Scan and Pay’ service  , entering the offline payments space,  challenging existing players like  PhonePe, Google Pay and Paytm  . The service allows users to make payments directly from their bank accounts using any QR code, facilitating large-format stores such as supermarkets, fast-food joints, beauty salons and fashion boutiques.

12 NADA India organizes #PlayTrue campaign to create awareness about clean sports

National Anti-Doping Agency ( NADA), India   concluded the #PlayTrue campaign with the participation of over 12,133 participants  . The campaign  celebrated WADA  ‘s Play True Day and aimed to   promote awareness about the importance of clean sport and anti-doping practices in India . Athletes, coaches and sports lovers from across the country participated enthusiastically in this campaign and extended their support to it. The #PlayTrue campaign highlights NADA India’s commitment to equip athletes, coaches and the entire sporting fraternity with a deeper understanding of anti-doping rules and empower them to become champions of clean sport in the country. The campaign was conducted from April 15 to April 30, 2024.

13 World Tuna Day 2024: 02 May

World Tuna Day  (World Tuna Day) every year on  2 May  is celebrated globally on . ​This day has been established by the United Nations (UN) to raise awareness about the importance of tuna fish. It has been celebrated for the first time in 2017. According to the United Nations, many countries in the world depend on tuna fish for both food security and nutrition. Tuna fisheries are currently conducted in more than 96 countries, and their capacity is continuously increasing.

14 Famous Tamil singer Uma Ramanan passes away

Famous playback singer Uma Ramanan , who sang predominantly in  Tamil language  , died at the age of 72 in Chennai. The singer, known for her melodious voice and vast collection of songs, has left an indelible mark on the Indian music industry. Uma Ramanan was a trained classical singer and appeared in over 6,000 concerts over a period of 35 years. His breakthrough came with the song “ Poongathwe Thalathiravai ” from the movie “ Nizhalag ” , which propelled him to fame.