1. A person feels weightless inside an artificial satellite because the force of attraction of the earth?

 A. Zero at that place

 B. Is balanced by the force of attraction of the moon

 C. Centripetal force is equal to

 D. Is ineffective due to the special design of the satellite

(Ans- C)

  1. Which organization has launched a new Cybersecurity Multi-Donor Trust Fund?

 A. Asian Development Bank

 B. European Central Bank

 C. Reserve Bank of India

 D. World Bank

 (Ans- D)

  1. The LCM of two numbers is 1920 and their HCF is 16. If one of the numbers is 128, find the other number.

 A. 204

 B. 240

 C. 260

 D. 320

(Ans- B)

  1. X and Y are both children, if Z is the father of X but Y is not the son of Z, then what is the relation between Y and Z?

 A. Sister and brother

 B. Niece and uncle

 C. Daughter and father

 D. Niece and uncle

(Ans- C)

  1. Which is a synonym of incremental?

 A. Skeptical

 B. Kind

 C. Gradual

 D. Tilted

(Ans- C)