1.Which state has started the seventh economic census recently? 
a Telangana
b. Tripura
c. Assam
d. Odisha

Answer: b. 

2. According to a report recently released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, what is the number of tigers in India? 
a 2967
b. 2890
c. 2712
d. 2600

Answer: a. 2967

3. President Ramnath Kovind recently became the first Indian President to go to Africa? 
a Mauritius
b. Seychelles
c. Egypt
d. Benin

Answer: d. Benin

4. Which of the following has recently been selected as the new Director General of BSF? 
a R. P. Sinha
b. J. S. Tripathi
c. V. K. Zohari
d. A.D.Gangal

Answer: c. Vk.johri

5. What is the name of the Speaker of the Meghalaya assembly and the former Chief Minister of the state who died recently? 
a Twokuper roy
b Devanand Raman
c. Ajit Pal Singh
d. Vivek Joshi

Answer: a. Two-queen Roy-