1.Which Bollywood film has won the best film honour at the 2017 Hong Kong International Film Festival?

[A] Trivisa

[B] Newton

[C] Happiness

[D] Blue Mountains
Correct Answer: B [Newton]


  1. Which country to host 15th edition of International Musculoskeletal Congress (IMC)-2017?
[A] India

[B] China

[C] Japan

[D] South Korea
Correct Answer: D [South Korea]

  1. Which Indian bank has won the 2017 Golden Peacock Innovative Product / Service Award (GPIPSA)?
[A] Yes Bank

[B] ICICI Bank

[C] State Bank of India (SBI)

[D] Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
Correct Answer: A [Yes Bank]

  1. What is the theme of the India Pavillian during the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2017?
[A] Yoga and Spirituality

[B] Yoga and Nature

[C] Yoga and Wellness

[D] Yoga and Health
Correct Answer: C [Yoga and Wellness]

  1. Who has been appointed the new interim President of Badminton Association of India (BAI)?
[A] Viraj Sagar Das

[B] Kuki Juneja

[C] Sudhanshu Gupta

[D] Himanta Biswa Sarma
Correct Answer: D [Himanta Biswa Sarma]