Vocab For The Day



1.GAINSAY (VERB): oppose

Synonyms: contravene, contradict

Antonyms: agree, consent

Example Sentence: Nobody had the nerve to gainsay the captain’s decision.


  1. GAWK (VERB): to stare at

Synonyms: ogle, gape

Antonyms: ignore, overlook

Example Sentence:  Everyone gawked at the celebrity when she entered the venue.


  1. GIST (NOUN): essence

Synonyms: core, intent

Antonym: exteriority, surface

Example Sentence:  The introductory paragraph provides the gist of the verbose article.


  1. GLEAN (VERB): collect

Synonyms: gather, garner

Antonyms: distribute, scatter

Example Sentence: The police wasn’t able to glean much information about the robber.


  1. GLOAT (VERB): exclaim triumph

Synonyms: boast, vaunt

Antonyms: be modest, mourn

Example Sentence:  The captain was humble enough not to gloat the victory before the opposite team.


  1. HEBETUDE (NOUN): lethargy

Synonym: dullness, impassivity

Antonym: liveliness, vitality

Example Sentence: Alcohol causes the consumer to be in a state of hebetude until it wears off completely.


  1. HOVEL (NOUN): tiny unkempt house

Synonyms: hut, cottage

Antonyms: mansion, castle

Example Sentence:  The old man lived in a hovel near the community park


  1. HAVOC (NOUN): chaotic situation

Synonyms: cataclysm, mayhem

Antonyms: peace, harmony

Example Sentence: The earthquake inflicted havoc upon many parts of Nepal.


  1. HARROWING (ADJECTIVE): frightening

Synonyms: distressing, traumatic

Antonyms: pleasant, appeasing

Example sentence:  The child’s harrowing experience with the giant wheel scarred his experience for a lifetime.


  1. HECTIC (ADJECTIVE): frantic

Synonyms: frenzied, turbulent

Antonyms: easeful, leisurely

Example Sentence:  Despite his hectic schedule the businessman always had time for his family.