1.DIVULGE (VERB): To make known (something private or secret). Synonyms: disclose, expose 

Antonyms: conceal, hide

Example Sentence:  Then bending again to Raoul, he whispered: “Above all things do not divulge your name. 


2.SIMPER (VERB): smile coyly

Synonyms: sneer, smirk

Antonyms: frown, growl

Example Sentence:  “I hope I see you well, Miss Florence,” she simpered.


3.CONVALESCENT (ADJECTIVE): recovering from illness

Synonyms: ambulatory, healing

Antonym: regressing, sickly

Example Sentence:  I treated him as a convalescent, not as a sick man.


4.FATHOM (VERB): measure the depth (of feeling)

Synonyms: comprehend, penetrate

Antonyms: neglect, misinterpret

Example Sentence: It is hard to fathom the pain felt at the death of a child.


5.INARTICULATE (ADJECTIVE): unable to express oneself clearly Synonyms: incoherent, blurred

Antonyms: articulate, communicative

Example Sentence:  He made an inarticulate noise in the back of his throat.


6.VENGEANCE (NOUN): revenge; punishment for a wrong

Synonyms: reprisal, requital

Antonym: forgiveness, pardon

Example Sentence: Yes, I would bear my sorrows, and become great, that in a day to be I might wreak vengeance on the king.


7.BESEECH (VERB): beg earnestly

Synonyms: implore, adjure

Antonyms: refuse, give

Example Sentence:  She beseeched him to cut his drinking and smoking.


8.CHAFE (VERB): be angry

Synonyms: irritate, abrade

Antonyms: aid, placate

Example Sentence:  He chafed at having to take orders from someone else.


9.PUNY (ADJECTIVE): small and weak

Synonyms: inconsequential, diminutive

Antonyms: giant, strong

Example sentence:  His mother stood looking on, with a sad kind of a smile on her lips and in her eyes, to see the zealous and yet puny efforts of her little boy.


10.CONJECTURE (NOUN): guess; speculation

Synonyms: guesswork, hunch

Antonyms: certainty, reality 

Example Sentence:  The commentators made various conjectures about the outcome of the next election.