1. MEDIATION (NOUN): attempt to bring to agreement

Synonyms: arbitration, negotiation

Antonyms: argument, disagreement

Example Sentence: The mediation was successful as the warring countries agreed for a ceasefire.

  1. DARING (ADJECTIVE): adventurous

Synonyms: audacious, gutsy

Antonyms: meek, cowardly

Example Sentence: A daring person fears nothing.

  1. ADVOCATE (VERB): support idea or cause publicly

Synonyms: uphold, urge

 Antonyms: hinder, condemn

Example Sentence: He advocated the cause for a long time.

  1. CONSCIENTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): thorough, careful

Synonyms: diligent, fastidious

Antonyms: careless, dishonest

Example Sentence: The conscientious employees achieved the target.

  1. RAMBLE (VERB): wander about aimlessly

Synonyms: meander, roam

Antonyms: stay, be direct

Example Sentence: He loves to ramble around the city.

  1. PRISTINE (ADJECTIVE): clean, pure

Synonyms: immaculate, intact

Antonyms: affected, dirty

Example Sentence: The country is wild, and in its pristine state; nature everywhere.

  1. PRODIGAL (ADJECTIVE): Rashly or wastefully extravagant

Synonyms: extravagant, impious

Antonyms: frugal, thrifty

Example Sentence: After getting the job, Shyam has become prodigal.


Synonyms: exorbitant, inordinate

Antonyms: normal, moderate

Example Sentence: That restaurant’s prices are extortionate.

  1. EXTRICATE (VERB): to set free

Synonyms: disentangle, disengage

Antonyms: siege, tighten

Example Sentence: He extricated her from her difficulties.

  1. EJECT (VERB): throw or be thrown out

Synonyms: emit, dismiss

Antonyms: retain, possess

Example Sentence: He was forcibly ejected from the restaurant.