1. COERCIVE (ADJECTIVE): relating to using force or threats

Synonyms: bullying, violent

Antonyms: agreement, approval

Example Sentence: The SC has at last removed the coercive element it had unfortunately introduced by an

interim order in November 2016.


  1. STATUTORY (ADJECTIVE): enacted by statute

Synonyms: lawful, legal

Antonyms: illegal, illicit

Example Sentence: The proposal was approved by the NTCA, a statutory body under the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests.


  1. PATRONS (NOUN): supporter

Synonyms: protector, financer

Antonyms: antagonist, opponent

Example Sentence: One of the three judges on the Bench had at an earlier hearing doubted the wisdom of asking patrons of cinema.


  1. APPAREL (NOUN): clothing

Synonyms: dress, garment

Antonyms: denude, unveil

Example Sentence: Global brands across different categories, from apparel to electronics to accessories will be aided through this concept.


  1. UNETHICAL (ADJECTIVE): not morally correct

Synonyms: corrupt, crooked

Antonyms: appropriate, ethical

Example Sentence: It was mired in allegations of bribery and going soft on unethical doctors


  1. CONSCIENTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): wishing to do one’s work

Synonyms: fastidious, meticulous

Antonyms: careless, indifferent

Example Sentence: Conscientious doctors tended to avoid such elections.


  1. PROVINCE (NOUN): territories, region

Synonyms: colony, county

Antonyms: avocation, recreation

Example Sentence: About 70% of Indians live in rural provinces.


  1. SKYROCKET (VERB): increase rapidly

Synonyms: catapult, escalate

Antonyms: descend, decrease

Example Sentence: The trade deficit has skyrocketed.


  1. SCRUTINY (NOUN): search

Synonyms: examination, inspection

Antonyms: ignorance, avoidance

Example Sentence: She inspects my room with scrutiny.


  1. SECLUDED (ADJECTIVE): sheltered and private

Synonyms: lonely, isolated

Antonyms: extroverted, sociable

Example Sentence: He is rigidly secluded, but intrigue is frequent.