1. FINIAL (NOUN): highest point

Synonyms: peak, acme

Antonyms: nadir, bottom

Example Sentence:  Physics is the finial of scientific knowledge.


  1. FERVENT (ADJECTIVE): enthusiastic

Synonyms: ardent, earnest

Antonyms: unenthusiastic, indifferent

Example Sentence: She is a fervent listener.


  1. PERPETUATE (VERB): keep going

Synonyms: sustain, maintain

Antonyms: discontinue, cease

Example Sentence: The confusion was perpetuated through inadvertence.


  1. GAMBIT (NOUN): plan

Synonyms: plot, trick

Antonyms: honesty, frankness

Example Sentence: Andrew’s resignation was a tactical gambit.


  1. PORTEND (VERB): predict

Synonyms: presage, foretell

Antonyms: calculate, measure

Example Sentence: The eclipses portend some major events.


  1. CANDOR (NOUN): directness

Synonyms: frankness, outspokenness

Antonyms: artifice, guile

Example Sentence: He is the man with refreshing candor.


  1. BLOVIATE (VERB): shout

Synonyms: yell, cry

Antonyms: be quiet, be silent

Example Sentence: She bloviated out of frustration.


  1. ALOOF (ADJECTIVE): detached

Synonyms: unsympathetic, unresponsive

Antonyms: friendly, compassionate

Example Sentence: The members of the family were courteous but faintly aloof.


  1. RAPPORT (NOUN): understanding between people

Synonyms: agreeableness, compatibility

Antonyms: incompatibility, discord

Example Sentence: Meghna was able to establish a good rapport with the children.


  1. INUNDATE (VERB): overflow

Synonyms: pour down on, deluge

Antonyms: insufficiency, need

Example Sentence: The islands may be the first to be inundated as sea levels rise