Vocab Of The Day



  1. PALTRY(NOUN): small or meager

Synonyms: paucity, insufficiency

Antonyms: abundance, enough

Example Sentence: Although I paid a great deal for the gourmet meal, I only received a paltry amount of food on my plate.


2.NEGATE(VERB): contradict

Synonyms: annihilate, disallow

Antonyms: allow, assist

Example Sentence: The criminal will negate all charges if you failed to prove him guilty.


  1. BARB(NOUN): point

Synonyms: prickle, prong

Antonyms: kindness, praise

Example Sentence: Watch out for barbs as they can hurt you badly.


4.PECKISH(ADJECTIVE): deprived of food

Synonyms: craving, hungry

Antonyms: satisfied, fed

Example Sentence:He felt rather peckish close to bedtime.


5.BUMPER(NOUN): safeguard

Synonyms: cushion, shield

Antonyms: harmer, attacker

Example Sentence: The bumper of the car got damaged in the accident.


6.JUNK(NOUN): garbage

Synonyms: debris, rubble

Antonyms: neatness, sterility

Example Sentence:He has placed all the junk outside his home.


7.TRIAL(ADJECTIVE): experimental

Synonyms: exploratory, preliminary

Antonyms: definite, proven

Example Sentence: The trial period of the software is about to get expired.



Synonyms: guardian, advisory

Antonyms: careless, inattentive

Example Sentence:It is commonly believed that a negro claims the power of coercing his tutelary deity.


  1. CAULK(VERB): secure,

Synonyms: block, barricade

Antonyms: free, loosen

Example Sentence: It only remained to caulk our important task, and this occupied us but a day or two longer.



Synonyms: cavalier, haughty

Antonyms: modest, unassuming

Example Sentence: With her overweening ego, the actress expected to be recognized and flattered by everyone she met.