Vocab Of The Day



  1. SPREE (NOUN) – wild activity.

Synonyms– binge, junket

Antonyms- care, thriftiness

Example Sentence-Crews were seldom going on the spree.




Synonyms- unsuitable, untenable

Antonyms- suitable, feasible

Example Sentence – The situation was unsustainable for all of us.



  1. CRUNCH (NOUN)- problem

Synonyms- crisis, trouble

Antonyms- calm, peace

Example Sentence – Do have patience when the crunch comes.



  1. INVASION (NOUN)- attack

Synonyms- intrusion, violation

Antonyms- obedience, surrender

Example Sentence – American Army troop made an invasion over Syria.



  1. BOTHERED (ADJECTIVE)- worried

Synonyms– antsy, anxious

Antonyms- confident, unafraid

Example Sentence – Divya talked to me for two hours on phone because she was bothered about me .



  1. ENDORSE (VERB)- approve

Synonyms- sanction, settle

Antonyms- disapprove, discourage

Example Sentence – I endorsed my brother’s trip to Pune.



  1. TRANCHE (NOUN) – a portion of something.

Synonyms- chunk, excerpt

Antonyms- entirety, total

Example Sentence – She deposited the first tranche of the education loan.



  1. PERILOUSLY (ADVERB)- carelessly

Synonyms- precariously, recklessly

Antonyms- carefully, safely

Example Sentence – The DGP handled the criminals perilously.



  1. IMPLICATION (NOUN)- suggestion

Synonyms- connotation, indication

Antonyms- reality, truth

Example Sentence –My implication regarding your project is that you should have it critically acclaimed first.



  1. DISSENT (VERB)- to differ in opinion

Synonyms– demur, discord

Antonyms- accept, agree

Example Sentence – The farmers are sure to dissent on the proposed land tax increase.