Vocab Of The Day



  1. GLARING (ADJECTIVE): bright

Synonyms: blazing, gaudy

Antonyms: bleak, concealed

Example Sentence:-She likes to wear glaring clothes.


  1. CONTRAVENE (VERB): contradict

Synonyms: defy, negate

Antonyms: endorse, ratify

Example Sentence:-Why do you always contravene with me?


  1. RENDER (VERB): deliver

Synonyms: cede, impart

Antonyms: seize, conceal

Example Sentence: We need to render the details of the deal.


  1. STRAY (VERB): deviate

Synonyms: diverge, divagate

Antonyms: stay, attend

Example Sentence:We must never stray from our path.


  1. UNDERMINE (VERB): weaken

Synonyms: cripple, impair

Antonyms: assist, relieve

Example Sentence:-They are accused of trying to undermine the government.


  1. BESTIAL (ADJECTIVE): brutal

Synonyms: barbarous, boorish

Antonyms: generous, humane

Example Sentence:-Because bullfights are so bestial, they are viewed as illegal acts.


  1. ERUDITE (ADJECTIVE): well educated

Synonyms: literate, knowledgeable

Antonyms: ignorant, uneducated

Example Sentence:Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar was an erudite person.


  1. CAPITULATE (VERB): surrender

Synonyms: concede, bow

Antonyms: win, conquer

Example Sentence:-They capitulated to the enemy.


  1. INTERVENTION (NOUN): armed interference

Synonyms: interference, invasion

Antonyms: retreat, surrender

Example Sentence:-Russia’s intervention in Ukraine has caused a lot of troubles.


  1. DEPLORABLE (ADJECTIVE): unfortunate

Synonyms: terrible, distressing

Antonyms: excellent, brilliant

Example Sentence:-Many of them work under deplorable conditions.