1. RUE (VERB): Regret

Synonyms: mourn, apologize

Antonyms: be happy, delight

Example Sentence: It’s no use rueing over waste money.


  1. RUMINATE (VERB): Think about seriously

Synonyms: meditate, cogitate

Antonyms: ignore, neglect

Example Sentence: His sudden death made us all ruminate on the true value of time.


  1. CAULK (VERB): Secure

Synonyms: block, barricade

Antonyms: loosen, free

Example Sentence: He caulked his garden with thorns.


  1. EXPIATE (VERB): Absolve

Synonyms: amend, correct

Antonyms: blame, forfeit

Example Sentence:  As soon as he realized his mistake he expiated it.


  1. MERCANTILE (ADJECTIVE): Regarding business

Synonyms: trade, monetary

Antonyms:  non-commercial, not-for-profit

Example Sentence: They had a word regarding mercantile plan.


  1. COLTISH (ADJECTIVE): Full of spirit

Synonyms: lively, playful

Antonyms:  depressed, down

Example Sentence: My coach is a coltish man.


  1. CLEMENCY (NOUN): Forgiveness

Synonyms: compassion, indulgence

Antonyms: meanness, cruelty

Example Sentence: The saint kept on showing his clemency towards a biting venomous scorpio.


  1. AFFORESTATION (NOUN): Forest management

Synonyms: forestation, arboriculture

Antonyms: deforestation, erosion

Example Sentence: Dr Tejas Sinha, the wild forest officer, was good at afforestation.


  1. PECKISH (ADJECTIVE): Deprived of food

Synonyms: hungry, craving

Antonyms: fed, satisfied

Example Sentence: Those peckish children of Sudan were very happy getting food packets.


  1. PANTHEIST (NOUN): Unbeliever

Synonyms: agnostic, freethinker

Antonyms:  believer, monotheistic

Example Sentence: Manju is obviously a diehard pantheist.