Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan launched the Mukhmini Residential Land Rights Scheme.


1. President joined the National Campaign on the topic ‘ Rise-Rising India Through Spiritual Empowerment ’ organized by Brahmakumarij

President Mrs. Draupadi Murmu On January 3, 2023 Mount Abu, Rajasthan in Brahmakumarij Organized by ‘Rise-Rising India Through Spiritual Empowerment’ joined the national campaign on the subject। They Secunderabad in Brahmakumarij Silence Retreat Center ( Brahmakumarij Silent Center ) was also inaugurated through virtual medium and Indore, Madhya Pradesh in Brahmakumarij Auditorium and Spiritual Art Gallery Found the foundation stone।

2. The President of India enhanced the dignity of the inauguration ceremony of the 18th National Jamburi of Bharat Scouts and Guides held in Rajasthan

President of india Mrs. Draupadi Murmu On January 4, 2023 Rajasthan K Shift in India Scouts and Guides K 18th National Jamburi Increased the dignity of the inaugural event। The President was on a two-day ( 3 and 4 January ) state visit । The 7-day event is hosted by Rajasthan after 66 years। More than 35,000 scouts and guides from across the country are participating in the event।The first National Scout and Guide Jambori was held in 1951 in Andhra Pradesh। The 17th Jambori was held in Mysore, Karnataka in December 2016 – January 2017। Theme of the 18th National Scout and Guide Jamburi: Progress with Peace।

3. Government approves National Green Hydrogen Mission to make the country self-sufficient in energy sector

Government 19 thousand 744 crores Starting cost National Green Hydrogen Mission Approved। Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Singh Thakur said that the objective of the Green Hydrogen Mission is to make the country responsible for the production, use and export of green hydrogen। He said that this mission will play an important role in tackling climate change। Mr. Thakur said that Prime Minister Naren Dr Modi 15 August 2021 to Independence day On the occasion of the National Green Hydrogen Mission was announced to be launched। The Kendri Minister said that under this mission 5 million tons of green hydrogen per year Will be produced, including Renewable energy capacity of 125 GW Is included। in Investment of eight lakh crore rupees and more than six lakh jobs created by 2030 The purpose of doing is kept। He said that this will save one lakh crore rupees on import of living fuel every year। He said that this will also reduce carbon surge surge surgeons by five crore metric tons every year।

4. Indian Army deploys female officer Shiva Chauhan for the first time in battlefield Siachen

On the occasion of new year 2 January to Indian Army Ne World’s highest battlefield Siachen in First time female officer Has been deployed। After rigorous training at Siachen Summer School Captain Shiva Chauhan Is posted as the first female officer in Siachen। Shiva Chauhan Bengal Sapper, a graduate in civil engineering of Rajasthan, is an officer। He was commissioned into the Engineering Regiment in May 2021।

5. Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan launched the Mukhmini Residential Land Rights Scheme.

Middle order Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan In the state Minister Residential Land Rights Scheme Launched। Tikmagarh In the district Bagaj Mata Temple Complex In the event held in, the Chief Minister handed over the leases of the plot to the selected beneficiaries in the muft। Ten thousand 918 families of Tikamgarh district were given leases of a total of 129 crore rupees as per the scheme। The plan aims to help poor people living in rural areas build houses। The Chief Minister addressed the program, saying that the leases of the plot would be in the name of both husband and wife।

6. ADB and India sign $ 350 million loan agreement to reform Maharashtra

Asian Development Bank (ADB ) and Government of India Ne Maharashtra stateImprove connectivity of the main economic sectors for 350 million dollarsSigned the loan agreement। On behalf of the Government of India and ADB, Mr. Rajat Kumar Mishra, Upper Secretary of the Economic Affairs Department of the Ministry of Finance, in the signatories of the Maharashtra project to connect economic groups for inclusive development Mr. Ho Yoon Jeong, the officer in charge of the K India Resident Mission, signed for ADB। Ahmednagar, Hingoli, Jalna, Kohlpur, Nagur, Nanded, Nashik, Pune, Climate and disaster to at least 319 km ( km ) state highway and 149 km district roads to strengthen the state’s main road network in 10 districts of Sangli and SataraWill be upgraded to include resistant features।

7. First All India Water Conference of State Ministers doing in Bhopal Ministry of Water Power on 5-6 January

Ministry of Waterpower Middle order K Bhopal In the ministers of state First All India Water Conference Is organizing। Five and six january This conference is titled- Water outlook for the year 2047। The purpose of the conference is to invite vaste views of the water approach for the year 2047। In this, the initiatives and plans of the Ministry of Waterpower will be shared with the water stakeholders of the states। Jalpakshi Minister Gjendra Singh Shekhawat and Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan will be present at this conference।

8. Special interest free loan to members of the Tobacco Board schemes of Andhra Pradesh, approval of more than 28 crores by Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce and Industry

Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal Ne Andhra Pradesh K Tobacco board To each member of the productive welfare schemes of Special interest free loan of ten thousand rupees for 28 crore rupees Has approved more than। This in Andhra Pradesh Cyclone storm mandus More than 28 thousand tobacco farmers affected by this will have direct benefits। Tobacco Board will provide interest free loan to eligible tobacco farmers। It is a statutory body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry।

9. Broadcasting Infrastructure and Network Development Scheme also approved to modernize public broadcasting services

Government Public broadcaster services To improve Broadcasting Infrastructure and Network Development Sm-BID Approved। Two thousand 539 crore rupees will be spent on this by the year 2025-26। Through this scheme, the dissemination weight will be given financial help to make the infrastructure of broadcasting services and the subject matter of news। He said that this would make possible effective access to news in leftist insurgency and strategically important areas।

10.Doda District Administration in Jam Moo-Kash Mir e. Started the book

Jam moo-kash mir in Doda District Administration To facilitate thousands of students in the district E. Post Has started। The students of the district will now get notes and study material prepared by the subject’s current experts। This achievement was achieved in more than five months under the amazing Doda campaign launched in the district। Students will be able to use the study material during the exam days of March or April, but the clarification of doubts about the material will be after winter vacation। E. The site of the book is

11. Approval for investment in Sun Ni Dam hydroelectric project with 382 MW capacity in Himachal Pradesh

Government Himachal Pradesh in 382 MW Capability Sun Ni Dam Hydropower Project Has approved investment in। This project with an estimated cost of two thousand 614 crores rupees Sutlej River Will be made on। Sutlej Jalpikr Ltd will build this dam in the next five years। Four thousand people will get employment in the project prompt and unreasonably।

12. Hindustan Copper Limited signed MoU with IIT (ISM ) of Dhanbad for technical cooperation

Hindustan Copper Limited and Money K Indian Institute of Technology ( Indian School of Mines ) A Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU ) MOU <TAG1> has been signed at the HCl Corporate Office in Kolkata for collaborative and sponsored research projects between। On this occasion, HCl Chief Managing Director Mr. Arun Kumar Shukla and IIT (ISM ), Dhanbad Director Professor Rajiv Shekhar were present। This agreement with Dhanbad’s IIT (ISM ) is the first technical collaboration of its kind, an important opportunity for HCl। Hindustan Copper Limited is the only copper miner in India that has all operational mining leases of copper ore in the country। Currently, most of the ore production is through underground mode and the national ore production level is around forty million tonnes per year।

13. Reiterating the importance of Made in India technology, Mr. Narayan Rane inaugurated the virtual intelligent tray retrieval system ( ITRS)

Central MSME Minister Mr. Narayan Rane Virtually Intelligent Tray Retrieval System ( ITRS) Inaugurated the construction of which MOPA ( GOVA ) International Airport An MSME-Make in India Company for M / s sjk innovation private limited Has been done by। ITRS A Artificial intelligence Advanced based, fully automated machine Screening technique Helps provide passenger safety through। This machine is equipped with image analysis software with advanced equipment that makes it easy for the screener to make the right decision in checking every item। This leads passengers to complete their screening much faster and easier than traditional machines।

14. Central Cabinet approved post-convenience naming Greenfield International Airport Mopa, Goa as ‘ Manohar International Airport- Mopa, Goa ’

Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi The Central Cabinet headed by Former defense minister And Four times the Chief Minister of Goa Late Mr. Manohar Parikar As a tribute to Greenfield International Airport Mopa, Goa Naming ‘Manohar International Airport – Mopa, Goa‘ Has given post-work approval as। Inauguration of Greenfield Airport located in Mopa, Goa by Honorable Prime Minister In december 2022 it was done। Former Chief Minister and former Defense Minister of Government of India in the construction of modern Goa, late Dr. The airport is named in honor of the contribution of Manohar Parikar।

15. Wish’s longest cruise service will be launched from Kashi

Government of India Modern cruise ship service in rivers to operate Over 1000 waterway construction is। With the development of sat waterways, India is fully ready to start a new phase in cruise tourism। Prime Minister Second National Ganges Council While chairing the meeting, he said that 13th of January month to 2300 km Of Longest cruise service in the world Beginning of Kashi Will be done from Bang Ladesh Happening DibruggarhWill go till। In this meeting, the Prime Minister emphasized public movement and people’s participation in cleaning rivers। The Minister of Transport and Waterways has assured all possible assistance for the development of waterways in the river Ganges to promote river tourism and economic activities।

16. Election Commission launches ‘ Mission-929’ to vote more than 90% in Tripura

Tripura To be held at the beginning of this year Election in Increase voting percentage for Election commission To vote Above 90 percent to carry Mission-929 Is going to work on। For this, the focus will be on 929 polling stations। In the 2018 assembly election, less than 89 percent of the turnout was recorded at these booths। In addition to the awareness campaign to raise voting now, election officials will meet senior citizens and persons with disabilities and appeal to them to vote।

17. Successfully treated by stem-cell derived mitochondria transplantation for the first time

recently Mitochondria K Genome Caused by deletion Rare disorders (Rare Disorder)Six children with stem-cell derived mitochondria were first successfully treated by transplantation। The procedure involved mitochondria transplantation from donor mothers to children’s hematopoietic stem cells, which give rise to all types of blood cells। This includes spontaneous mitochondria transplantation of stem cells or injection of stem cell mitochondria into the treated ratu damaged part to save injured cells। Stem cells are the most basic cells in terms of origin of cells and have a high potential for differentiation and self-renewal ( Self-renewal )। The ability of stem cells to grow into various human tissues, organs or functional cells makes them extremely promising for use in regenerative medicine and therapeutic tissue ( Tissue) engineering।

18. India’s manufacturing sector in December 2022, the most significant production growth in 13 months

S&P (S&P) Global India Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index ( PMI ) According to, December 2022 In india Manufacturing sector most important production growth in 13 months Has happened। The PMI averaged 56.3 for the October to December quarter, the highest in a year। This indicates that the manufacturing sector is performing well and can contribute to employment generation। It is a survey-based system in which organizations are informed about the change in their perception as a result of changes due to major business acuity factors compared to the previous month Is done। PMI ( PMI ) aims to provide information about current and future business conditions to the company’s decision makers, analysts and investors। It is calculated separately for the manufacturing and service sectors and then a composition index is also created।

19. Record production by Moyal

Moyel Ne 1,41,321 tonnes of manganese ore in December 2022 with Best production of december so farHave done। Production has recorded an 18 percent increase compared to November 2022। Also, sales of 1,64,235 tonnes for the month of December have been spectacular, with an increase of about 91 percent compared to November 2022। Moyal Limited is CPSE ( Central Public Sector Enterprises) of Schedule-A, Miniratna Category-1 under the administrative control of the Ministry of Steel, Government of India। Moyal is the largest producer of manganese ore in the country with a market share of about 45%, which operates 11 mines in the state of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh। The company has an ambitious target of doubling its production to 3.00 million tonnes by the year 2030। Moyal is also looking for business opportunities in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Odisha state, among other areas of Madhya Pradesh state।

20. Purification system for filtering microplastics

recently South Korea Scientists New water purification system Developed Microplastics Can filter quickly and efficiently। in one experiment More than 99.9% of contaminants were expelled from water in just 10 seconds Gone। The polymer used is inexpensive and has excellent absorption and photothermal characteristics। Microplastics are defined as plastics with a diameter of less than five millimeters compared to standard pearls used in jewelery। It can be harmful to our sea and aquatic life।

21. Two-year ban on buying homes by foreigners in Canada

Canada in Two-year ban on foreigners buying homes has come into force। In a statement, Federal Housing Minister Ahmed Hussain said the ban meant discouraging foreigners from buying homes। This restriction will apply to those who are not citizens or permanent residents of Canada। Purchasing residential properties, and violating it, will be fined $ 10,000 Canadian। Meanwhile, New Zealand also passed a law banning foreigners from buying homes in 2018, as the country is struggling with its own housing crisis।

22. Permission to sell abortion drugs to retailers in the US will be necessary, prescription

America in Retailers to Permission to sell abortion drugs have been found। This information has been given by the Government Health Department। of America Supreme Court Ne Ruled against abortion rights for women Was। In such a situation, the new decision of the government is considered very important। Food and Drug Administration of USA – FDA According to the abortion drug Mifepris Tone will now be able to be found at all drug stores in states where abortion is allowed। However, a slip of the doctor will be needed to buy this medicine। The country’s Supreme Court in a landmark judgment in June last year gave women In 1973Miley had overturned her right to abortion। The FDA decision has been welcomed by the advocates of citizens’ freedom।

23. ‘Fit India-Sunday Talks’ will launch special online series from 8 January to 26 February, Fit India campaign of Ministry of Sports

Ministry of Youth Program and Sports Of Fit india campaign Eight January Sunday to 26 February till ‘Fit India-Sunday Talks‘ Is starting a special online series। This program is official of Fit India Instagram and Youtube It will air every Sunday at 11 pm on the channel। Eminent fitness expert and Fit India celebrities will participate in this online talk show। Fit India Sunday Talks aims to promote the importance of fitness, nutritious food and mental health among all age groups, especially senior citizens। Experts in a section of the program will also negotiate the importance of coarse grains to celebrate 2023 as the International Thick Grain Year।

24. Prime Minister paid tribute to Mr. Mannathu Padmanabhan on his birth anniversary

Prime Minister Manthu Padmanabhan Has paid tribute to his birth anniversary। Their birth January 2, 1878 to Kerala Happened in। He is in the southwestern state of Kerala Indian social reformer and freedom fighter Were। They Vakom (1924 ) and Guruvayur (1924 ) Temple-Entrance Satyagraha And Anti-uniform movements participated in। He is considered a member, reformer and moral guide of the Nair community। In the year 1966 them Padma Bhushan was provided। He died on 25 February 1970।

25. Prime Minister paid tribute to Queen Velu Nachiar on her birth anniversary

Prime Minister of India Queen velu nachiar ( 3 January 1730 – 25 December 1796 ) has paid tribute to his birth anniversary। that year 1780s In india British colonial power ( and was the first queen to fight against ), son of the Nawab of Arcot। Rani Velu Nachiyar, whom the Tamil people Veeramangai Know by name of, Ramanathapuram ( Tamil Nadu ) K Ramnad Empire Was a princess। French, English and Urdu Along with proficiency in languages like them Vallari, Silambam, Horse riding and archery As trained in martial arts। After the death of that husband Muthuvadugnathaperia Udayathevar Queen of Shivgangai ( Tamilanadu ) in the year 1780Became successor as।

26. World Braille Day

per year 04 January to World Braille Day Is celebrated। This day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of Braille। Braille script is a member of the full vision of the obstructed and partially visually impaired people with full human rights। This day is celebrated in the celebration of the birth anniversary of the French education Vishard Luis Braille। Louis Braille invented the Braille script in 1809। A resolution was passed by the United Nations General Assembly on 6 November 2018, in which ‘World Braille Day’ on 4 January every year, the birthday of Louis Braille, the father of the Braille script’ It was decided to celebrate as। After which World Braille Day was celebrated for the first time on 4 January 2019।

27. Walter Cunningham, the last surviving astronaut of NASA’s Apollo program, died

NASA K Apollo program Last surviving astronaut in members of the first successful space mission under Walter Cunningham Has died at the age of 90। NASA has confirmed Cunningham’s death, but the cause of his death has not been confirmed। NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has stated that Cunningham was an investigator whose actions laid the foundation for NASA’s new Artemis lunar program। Cunningham In 1968 Apollo-7 Mission K was among the three astronauts। The mission lasted for 11 days and the satellite was broadcast live, circling the Earth। A year later, the satellite was paved on the moon