1.How much amount of monetary reward has been announced by the Andhra Pradesh Government for any resident of the state winning Nobel Prize?
A.Rs. 175 crore
B.Rs. 150 crore
C.Rs. 50 crore
D.Rs. 100 crore

Answer  – D.Rs. 100 crore 

2.Which States/UT Government has recently launched Good Samaritan Policy for encouraging people to help accident victims?
B.New Delhi
D.Andhra Pradesh

Answer  – B.New Delhi

3.What is the theme of the 44th New Delhi World Book Fair?
A.Manushi: Books written on and by women
B.Towards 100 years of Indian Cinema
C.Indigenous Voices: Mapping India’s Folk & Tribal Literature
D.Kathasagara: Celebrating Children’s Literature

Answer  – A.Manushi: Books written on and by women

4.Which country has decided to switch off its FM radio network and completely convert to digital signals?

Answer  – C.Norway

5.Which country is developing the world’s tallest solar tower of about 250 meters?

Answer  –  A.Israel

6.As per the report of CSO, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of India is estimated at ___________ for FY 17 compared to 7.6 percent in FY 16.
A.7.6 percent
B.7.1 percent
C.7.5 percent
D.7.3 percent

Answer  – B.7.1 percent

7.Who won the winner of 2017 Qatar Open title ?
A.Rafael Nadal
B.Roger Federer
C.Andy Murray
D.Novak Djokovic

Answer  – D.Novak Djokovic 

8.Recently US lady Michelle Obama selected an Indian-American girl for the education campaign ‘Better Make Room’ Student Advisory Board. Name that Indian-American.
A.Shalini shankar
B.Niharika Janga
C.Swetha Prabakaran
D.Askash Vukoti

Answer  –  C.Swetha Prabakaran 

9.Name the App launched by IRCTC to book tickets faster.
A.IRCTC Fast Book
B.IRCTC Rail Connect
C.IRCTC Rail Ticket
D.IRCTC Fast Ticket

Answer  – B.IRCTC Rail Connect

10.Name the winner of the 2017 Brisbane International women’s doubles title.
A.Sania Mirza & Bethanie Mattek-Sands
B.Ekaterina Makarova &  Sania Mirza
C.Bethanie Mattek-Sands &  Andreja Klepač
D.Martina Hingis & Sania Mirza

Answer  –  A.Sania Mirza & Bethanie Mattek-Sands

11.Tata Motors has recently entered into three years partnership with which engine oil firm? 
A.MAK engine oil
B.Servo engine oil
C.Castrol engine oil
D.Gulf engine oil

Answer  –  C.Castrol engine oil

12.How much amount has been announced by the Reserve Bank of India to provide to Nepal Rastra Bank in Rs 100 denomination note?
A.Rs.75 million
B.Rs.1 billion
C.Rs. 1.5 billion
D.Rs. 90 million

Answer  – B.Rs.1 billion 

13.Government has recently made Aadhaar number mandatory for EPF scheme. What is the deadline to enroll the Aadhaar number for the scheme?
A.February 1, 2017
B.March 31, 2017
C.April 30, 2017
D.January 31, 2017

Answer  – D.January 31, 2017

14.In order to boost start-up funding, Market regulator SEBI has eased the rules for angel investment. What is the new minimum investment limit set by SEBI?
A.Rs. 25 Lakh
B.Rs. 20 Lakh
C.Rs. 10 Lakh
D.Rs. 5 lakh

Answer  –  A.Rs. 25 lakh

15.The Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) has got the environmental clearance for its Zawar Mines expansion project in Rajasthan. What is the total cost of the project?
A.Rs. 1500 crore
B.Rs. 2000 crore
C.Rs. 1200 crore
D.Rs. 1700 crore

Answer  –  C.Rs. 1200 crore

16.Name the African-American Astronaut being send to International Space Station for the first time by NASA.
A.Mae C. Jemison
B.Jeanette Epps
C.Joan Higginbotham
D.Stephanie Wilson

Answer  –  B.Jeanette Epps 

17.Which of the following islands in India was once named “New Denmark”?

A.Salsatte Island

B.Elephanta Island


D.Andaman & Nicobar Island
Answer  –  D. Andaman & Nicobar Island

18.The agreement to “buy or sell a debt instrument at a specified future date at a pre-determined price” is called?

A.Interest Rate Future



D.Interest Rate Derivative
Answer  – D. Interest Rate Future

19.Which is the first country in the world to use drones for national mail service?




Answer  – B.France

20.India’s first cashless bazaar has come up in which of the following states?



C.Uttar Pradesh

D.Madhya Pradesh
Answer  – B.Chhattisgarh