Establish Goddess Saraswati statue on Basant Panchami and worship the next day and immerse you on the next day



  1.  Rajputs boast about film Padmavat:-There is a big fight in Rajasthan about the film Padmavat. While the state government is engaged in chasing Rajput society, Rajput society’s women took a rally in Chittorgarh on Sunday with swords in their hands. On January 24, he again warned to do jauhar at Chittorgarh Fort where he had made jewelery with 16 thousand ranias and slaves. Karani Senna says that for Jauhar, two thousand women have been registered so far.


  1. Rajnath warns Pakistan – when the time comes, the enemy can enter the house and kill them :- Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has warned Pakistan that if the time comes, the Indian army can cross the border and kill the enemy in his house. ‘India’s image has now become a strong country in the world. We want to maintain good relations with our neighbors (Pakistan) but they are not able to respond to their objections. We have given a strong message to the world that India can not only cross this border but by eliminating the necessity, it can eliminate the enemy. ‘ Rajnath Singh was addressing a program on Sunday in Lucknow. He further said, “We want the country to believe that our government will not bow India’s head. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country’s economy is moving very fast and now international economists and experts accept it.


  1. Establish Goddess Saraswati statue on Basant Panchami and worship the next day and immerse you on the next day:-Worship the statue of Mata Saraswati to donate wisdom and knowledge on this Basant Panchami and then the next day, turn this statue away. It is impossible to imagine the world without knowledge and speech, and Mother Saraswati is the goddess of her . Therefore, not only humans, gods and goddesses also worship with their devotion. Basant Panchami This is the day of Goddess Saraswati Puja. On this day, the statue of the mother should be worshiped in their homes and worshiped them. Many worship committees also organize a grand ceremony of Saraswati Puja on Basant Panchami. First of all, put the statue or picture of Saraswati in front of it.After this, establish the Kalash and worship Ganesh ji and the Navghra, then worship the Saraswati ji.


4- Linking our electorate to election process is our first priority: OP Rawat :- Indore Newly elected Chief Election Commissioner Om Prakash Rawat said in a special dialogue that connecting every voter with the election process in the vast country like India and ensuring their participation in the polls is our first priority. The Election Commission has kept its mission sentence- no voter should be exempted. Wherever we can add voters, including schools, colleges, Anganwadi, social institutions, are trying to add. He said, “It is not possible to say that till 100 per cent of the electorate will be added to the list, as the process of connecting women and men of 18 years of age every year will continue. Under the new arrangement, several online services have been started, including name change, change of address in voter list.


5- The use of solar energy in mobile towers can illuminate thousands of villages :-Not only can the environment be improved by millions of mobile towers operating through solar power, but there is a huge reduction in energy expenditure as well as thousands of villages can get electricity. There are more than 7.36 lakh mobile or telecom towers in the country at this time.Of these, 6.86 lakh towers run by electricity or diesel. Only 50 thousand of these towers run from clean energy. But even in these green towers, solar power is being used only in 2500 towers. Other clean fuels are used in the rest. Most solar-powered towers are in Naxal-affected areas.


  1. Why only men are guilty in sedation, sexual harassment and misbehavior:-The matter of discrimination with men in the law, particularly in the IPC, has again arisen. Public interest litigation has been filed in the Supreme Court, in which only male guilt has been questioned in cases like sedition, sexual harassment and misbehavior. In the PIL filed by Advocate Rishi Malhotra, the demand for cancellation of IPC section 354 (flirting), 354 A, B, C, D (sexual harassment) and Section 375 (mischief) is said to be discriminatory with men. . The Supreme Court can hear the petition on March 19. Malhotra challenged the validity of the above sections of the IPC, in the petition, making the basis of equal rights given in paragraphs 14 and 15 of the Constitution. It has been said in the petition that Article 14 and 15 of the Constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, caste, sex and place of residence, but Section 354, 354A, B, C, D and Section 375 of IPC (misdemeanor) In the provision, the male has been treated as a criminal and the woman suffers. Malhotra says crime and law can not be divided on the basis of gender. Because women can commit crimes with the same grounds and reasons for which men do men. Anyone who commits such a crime should be punished according to the law.


7- This village is a unique example of women’s empowerment, know – how to :-Bathinda No community can progress without respecting women. In order to give women the right to equality and equality, Panchayat of village Himmatpura of Bathinda district has started a new round. The village Sarpanch of the village has started writing this success story with people without government help. New rules have been made so that no self-esteem of women has been done. 500 rupees will be levied if any woman in a village is called abusive. Under the law 509, there is a provision for a year’s sentence and fine, on the condition of being abusive, but no such case has been reached from the village till the police station.

  1. Finished wait, dowry and child marriages can be handed over : –Crores of people on Sunday took a firm resolve to abolish dowry and child marriage by holding hands of each other. A year ago today, more than three crore people of the state had created a human chain for mass struggle against intoxicants. This time, showing complete state and commitment against social evils like dowry and child marriage. Chief Secretary Anjani Kumar Singh on the basis of the data received from the state claimed that on Sunday more than 4.5 crore people have made their commitment to this social change by creating 14.19 thousand km long human chain.
  2. Take revenge, Australia shivers on their own land England:-The revenge of the Ashes Test series defeat would be such that the England team will take such a series in the ODI series, it is hardly imagined by the Kangaroo team. This was the first time in the history of Australian one-day cricket when he lost his first ODI series in the first three ODIs and fell in the series. England’s reply to the contract Kangaroo team will rarely be forgotten. After defeating England 4-0 in the Ashes Test series, the Aussie team’s morale was on the seventh skyrocketing and it was hoped that the one-day series is going to be named in their name, To be

    10- Budget 2018: Jaitley’s fourth general budget, these sectors have big hopes:- General Budget 2018, to be presented on February 1. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley can focus on the development of the country’s infrastructure in its fourth and last full-time budget. Given the general elections of the year 2019, this budget is being considered as the most important budget of the Modi government. In the last year only the indications were that in this year’s general budget, the attention of the government could be on the development of infrastructure.