1. DETER (VERB): block any action

Synonyms: avert, impede 

Antonyms: incite, instigate

Example Sentence: We shall deter any activity that is detrimental to the security of the nation.



Synonyms: apt, germane 

Antonyms: infelicitous, unsuitable 

Example Sentence: Give them a felicitous reply so that they don’t dare to question you again. 


  1. SCRUTINIZE (VERB): examine closely

Synonyms: analyze, dissect 

Antonyms: neglect, forget

Example Sentence: They have tried to scrutinize the problems very closely. 



Synonyms: aim, plot 

Antonyms: neglect, ignore 

Example Sentence: He will premeditate before acting on the instructions given by us. 


  1. THORNY (ADJECTIVE):sharp 

Synonyms: barbed, stinging 

Antonyms: smooth, unpointed

Example Sentence: He had to face a sharp criticism from the management for his actions.


  1. EMPOWER (VERB):give power

Synonyms: entitle, vest 

Antonyms: disenfranchise, revoke 

Example Sentence: Today, we need to empower women of our country so that they can achieve their dreams.


  1. IDENTIFY (VERB):recognize

Synonyms: pinpoint, spot 

Antonyms: overlook, confuse 

Example Sentence: We need to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our situation. 


  1. KEEN (ADJECTIVE): enthusiastic

Synonyms: eager, spirited 

Antonyms: apathetic, ignorant 

Example Sentence: They are keen on becoming successful in life. 


  1. BANISH (VERB): expel 

Synonyms: exile, discard 

Antonyms: incorporate, permit

Example Sentence: He will banish you from the realm if you don’t mend your ways.


  1. COG (NOUN): main part of device 

Synonyms: cogwheel, pinion 

Antonyms: accessories, prop

Example Sentence: The cog of the vehicle must be restored for repairing the vehicle.