World Economic Forum puts India at 30th position in global manufacturing index




1.Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has demanded more power against Pakistan on the issue of cross border terrorism :-

Army Chief Vipin Rawat has said that political measures should also be taken along with military action to maintain peace in Jammu and Kashmir. He also said that the use of more power against Pakistan on the issue of terrorism beyond cross border is needed.

In an interview to PTI, General Rawat said that the armed forces that are taking action in the state can not be in the position, but they have to develop new strategies and techniques and they must also use their hand in dealing with the situation.

General Rawat said that there is a need to increase the action against Pakistan to prevent terrorists from supplying them across the border.

General Rawat said that there is a continuation of misguiding some youth who are joining the insurgency. The army is trying to put pressure on terrorist groups. But he said that we will have to continue efforts to increase trust among the people of the valley.


2.World Economic Forum puts India at 30th position in global manufacturing index :-

The World Economic Forum  has placed  India at 30th place in the Global Manufacturing Index. In its first report about ” Preparation for Production for the Future ”  , this World Organization has placed Japan in the first place due to the best framework of production, followed by South Korea ,  Germany ,  Switzerland ,  China ,  Czech Republic ,  USA ,  Sweden ,  Austria and Ireland. Russia is ranked 35th in BRICS countries ,  Brazil is 41st and South Africa is 45th.

In the context of India, it has been said that in the last three decades, the manufacturing sector has registered an average of 7 per cent growth in the country every year and contributes 16 per cent to 20 per cent of India’s GDP. In the report, the Government of India’s Make in India program has also been mentioned and it has been said that this program has proved to be helpful in making India the center of manufacturing. Under this declaration of structured investment of $ 59 billion in 2017, the economy will get stronger.


3.Signing of nine MoUs between India and Israel :-

India has signed nine agreements on cyber security, oil and gas, space, science and technology, civil aviation, information and broadcasting and health related issues among Israel. These agreements were signed after the delegation level talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

During the talks, the two leaders discussed several issues of defense cooperation, trade, innovation, fight against terrorism, agriculture and water conservation.

Mr. Netanyahu received a traditional welcome at Rashtrapati Bhawan this morning. Several dignitaries, including Prime Minister Modi, were present on this occasion. Following the ceremony, the Israeli Prime Minister said that his visit to India is the beginning of a new era of friendship between the two countries.

Shri Netanyahu presented a wreath on Mahatma Gandhi’s grave at Rajghat.

This is the first India visit of Israel’s Prime Minister. He arrived in New Delhi on a six-day tour on Sunday. Mr. Netanyahu’s visit is being done on the occasion of completion of 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Mr. Modi visited Israel in July last year. Relations between the two countries have reached a significant level and special attention is being given in the field of agriculture and water.


4.Agreement on the return of illegal Indian expatriates between India and Britain and sharing of criminal records and intelligence information :-

India and Britain have signed agreements for the return of illegal Indian expatriates and sharing of criminal records and intelligence information. These agreements have been made at a time when India is seeking cooperation in the extradition of liquor businessman Vijay Mallya, on which legal action should be taken in the country for fraud and money laundering cases of around 9,000 crores.

The memorandums of these agreements were signed by Britain’s Burmese Minister Carolyn Knockes and Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju on Thursday. According to the press release of the British Government, the new agreement is an important step towards further strengthening close cooperation between the two countries. According to the release, the agreement regarding sharing of criminal records will enable the law enforcement agencies of both countries to get information about the persons with criminal records, which will help in protecting the public from such criminals. The agreement relating to illegal immigrants will help in adopting a quick and efficient process for returning to the country of illegal living in the UK.


5.New Delhi World Book Fair concludes :-

The New Delhi World Book Fair has concluded. During the nine-day event book lovers met talks, workshops, discussions, talks and environmentalists.

In this annual fair, about 800 publishers of different languages presented their latest publications.

Over 40 countries, including Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, participated in the book fair.


6.Japanese picture book sales start in India :-

Sales of a Japanese picture book related to raising awareness on conservation issues has begun in India.

In this book called “Mothanai Grandma” emphasizes the importance of environment and reducing wastage. In Japanese language, Moti’ani means “what is waste”.

A government-backed Indian publishing company started selling Hindi and English language versions of the book on Saturday.

The writer of this book, Mariko Shinju, participated in the book reading program held in the capital New Delhi.

Environmental pollution is a serious problem in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is promoting environment education.

The editor of the publishing company said that the theory of MotoNiNi is needed in India and this book will help spread awareness amongst the public.

The book “Mothani Grandma” will be published in 11 other languages, including Tamil and Bengali.


7.USA deploys new aircraft carrier warship in Japan :-

The US Navy has deployed a new aircraft carrier warship in Southwest Japan to enable modern F-35B fighter aircraft to be able to escape the radar.

The USS Vasp warship reached Sasebo harbor at Nagasaki Prefecture at about 9 a.m. on Sunday morning. This is the replacement of another warship USS Bonom Richard.

This warship has been deployed at a time when the North Korean missile and nuclear power-related incidents continue and when China is increasing its sea activities in the Asia-Pacific region.


8.Foreign Minister of 20 countries will discuss the issue of North Korea :-

To discuss the issue of North Korea’s nuclear ambitions through diplomatic and financial pressure, the Foreign Minister of approximately 20 countries will be gathering in Vancouver on Tuesday. But China will not be included in this meeting. Venkovar’s meeting is being organized by Kanada and America. Its aim is to reduce tension in the peninsula.

In the past, there was a meeting in Pyongyang about two years between South Korea and North Korea. It was agreed to send its players to the Winter Olympics. At the same time, many countries including the United States say that just as North Korea is expanding its nuclear program, it is really worrisome.