1. IMBROGLIO (NOUN): fight

Synonyms: bickering, brawl

Antonyms: harmony, agreement

Example Sentence: They had a lot of imbroglios in the past.


  1. CONDEMNATION (NOUN): blaming

Synonyms: censure, denunciation

Antonyms: absolution, endorsement

Example Sentence: His actions deserve condemnation.


  1. STEER (VERB): guide

Synonyms: escort, shepherd

Antonyms: abandon, obey

Example Sentence:  His actions steered us to victory.


  1. UNRAVEL (VERB): unfold

Synonyms: decipher, resolve

Antonyms: entangle, twist

Example Sentence: We unraveled the mystery of the corner room.


  1. SUBSUME (VERB): include

Synonyms: incorporate, involve

Antonyms: exclude, ignore

Example Sentence: He subsumed a lot of details.


  1. MOOT (ADJECTIVE): doubtful

Synonyms: debatable, unresolved

Antonyms: resolved, settled

Example Sentence:  We have some moot points in our mind.


  1. DISCARD (VERB): get rid of

Synonyms: jettison, ditch

Antonyms: approve, sanction

Example Sentence: He discarded all the unwanted members.


  1. EXEMPTION (NOUN): freedom from a responsibility

Synonyms: dispensation, privilege

Antonyms: accountability, answerability

Example Sentence: He was given many exemptions at office.


  1. CESS (NOUN): a charge levied on the citizens for a purpose

Synonyms: surcharge, tax

Antonyms: subsidy, grant

Example Sentence: The Government has levied a new cess.


  1. CONVERGENCE (NOUN): union

Synonyms: concurrence, confluence

Antonyms: disengagement, segregation

Example Sentence: Sunderban is the largest delta in the world that is formed by the convergence of Ganga and Brahmaputra.

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