1. Tell us about yourself


Answer. I am Krunal Sharma from Uttar Pradesh. I have completed my B.Tech from XYZ University in 2013 and have also completed DOEACC ‘A’ level course in computer operations in 2014. My father is a retired employee of central government whereas my mother is a housewife. I am interested in reading books on various subjects and also in solving Sudoku.


  1. Why do you want to come into banking despite being an engineer / Don’t you think you wasted your money studying engineering as banking and engineering are completely different / How will your academic background help banking sector?


Answer. Sir, I agree that primarily it seems that banking and engineering are completely different spheres and both have nothing in common. But with the advent of technology in banking sector, it is mandatory for every banker to be well conversant with latest technology and being an engineer, I am already well versed in technology. Apart from this aspect, being an engineer means being analytical about things happening so that we can solve issues effectively. This is also going to help me as a banker in discharging my duties.


  1. Why do you want to join banking sector in particular?


Answer. Sir, banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country nowadays and at the same time, economy is the backbone of the standing of a country in today’s world order. A lot can be changed if you have the power to influence the economic balance of the world. Being a banker is the first step towards it and the vast scope of engaging with a farmer to hobnobbing with the leading industrialists in the country is also an incentive of this job.


  1. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?


Answer. I have the short term goal of learning as much as possible in my initial days in the bank so that I start being a human resource for the bank as soon as possible. Within five years, I am looking for meaningful contribution to my area of work in the bank so that the bank can grow as well and if that happens, bank will also reward me with greater responsibilities obviously in the long run.


  1. You get training from us and become experienced in banking within 6-7 years of time. After that, you get opportunities from other private sector banks or other organizations with higher pay package. What will be your response?


Answer. Sir, for me being in a job should satisfy me both mentally as well as regarding the financial incentives I receive from the organization I am working for. At the same time, being a human being and an ambitious person, I will definitely try for something better within or outside the organization and if that happens, I will weigh all other pertinent concerns before reaching a decision regarding this.


  1. Banking is about serving in areas where you will not get all the comforts of your posh metro life. How do you think you will be able to manage that?


Answer. Sir, I am well aware of this since as a bank, the organization needs to serve both the rural economy as well as the urban economy. So, this is not a problem for me if I am posted in a remote area as I am prepared for that. Another thing is that I will be transferred from any branch within 3-4 years of time and need to live in the same area for ever. This is an enriching experience since I will get the opportunity to live in different areas with different kinds of people.


  1. Tell us about some of the problems faced by banking sector in general at present in our country.


Answer. The first and foremost problem that the banking industry faces is regarding Non-Performing Assets since all the banks are suffering because of high increase in these assets and banks have to make provisioning for that thereby decreasing its profit on an overall basis.


The second one in the offing is the implementation of the Basel III guidelines for which banks need capital and the government alone cannot infuse such huge amount in the public sector banks, so, banks have to make their own arrangements in this regard. This is going to be difficult for the banks keeping in view the limited options they have. The rate of attrition in the banks these days is another problem and the reason is the dismal HR Policy in the banks these days. These outdated policies need to be changed in order to work for development of HR available not controlling the manpower in the bank.